Coláiste Eoin

Published 11/12/2012 | 12:47

Matthew Pearson, a past pupil of Coláiste Eoin, pictured among recipients of the Austin Waldron Scholarship. Matthew received the award for achieving the highest points in his Leaving Cert.

FIRE SAFETY: Coláiste Eoin students were delighted to be invited to the local fire station in Hackestown where they received an instructional talk and demonstration on fire hazards in the home. They also got to see the local fire crew remove a casualty from a reconstructed crash.

The students watched in awe as the casualty was cut from the wreckage of a two car collision. The fire officer commentated throughout the demonstration as the students watched the car being carefully prised apart in order to safely remove the casualty. The officers showed great commitment and dedication to their task while also realistically showing young drivers the importance of slowing down on our roads.

The students then saw a chip pan ignite under similar conditions to those found in the home. While this proved frightening the fire crew then made us all sit up and pay attention as they brought us to a reconstruction of a living room.

The room complete with festive cheer, presents and Christmas tree melted before our eyes in two minutes. The spark which ignited the fire had come from a faulty Christmas light bulb. The scenario was upsetting and frightening however as we later learned an all too familiar scenario at this time of year.

The students learned the importance of prevention, detection and evacuation, and the school would like to sincerely thank the fire officers for their time. We all learned some very valuable lessons.


Well done to Matthew Pearson who received the Austin Waldron Scholarship. Matthew a past pupil of Coláiste Eoin was thrilled as he received his bursary which will assist him in his studies. Matthew is currently studying Physiology and Health Science in I.T.Carlow.

He received the award for achieving the highest points in his Leaving Cert before admission to the course. Matthew hopes to complete his time in Carlow and then travel to England for a further three years we wish him every success.

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