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Borris Vocational School

Published 27/11/2012 | 10:36


Well done to the Junior Boys Basketball Team who had a great win over Gaelcholaiste, Arklow on Tuesday last at B.V.S in the South East Championships, with a final score of 57 points to 12. The boys have won all their matches so far. Well done to the boys for their committment and dedication to training and to their coach Ms. Smyth.


Third Year students travelled to the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny on Tuesday 20th November to see the Icarus Theatre production of Romeo and Juliet , which is part of their Junior Cert Syllabus.

Supported by South Hill Park Arts Centre and Kings Theatre Portsmouth, Icarus Theatre takes its fourth foray into a national tour of Shakespeare play since its inception in 2004.

The Icarus Theatre Collective explores the harsh brutal side of modern and classical drama, creating a contemporary Theatre of the Absurd while maintaining a cohesive, evocative story.The performance was intellectual, engaging and dynamic and was immensely enjoyed by students and teachers alike. Ms. Sheil, Ms. Doran and Ms.Brennan accopmpanied students on this trip.


First year students went to Waterford Institute of Technology on Wednesday with their teachers Mr. Devitt and Mr. Finlayson to participate in National Science week , an annual event organised by WIT to promote interest in Science, Engineering and Technology. While there the students took an active part in experiments and presentations. They were treated to a slide show and presentation on the life of Robert Boyle, which they found both entertaining and educational.

First Year Science student , Aoife Hill wrote an account of her trip in which she said: 'It was a really good day and I learned lots". She described how "A man came in dressed as Robert Boyle and he told us about Robert Boyle's early life , his birth in Lismore House, his foster family, his education in England and Europe and his scientific discoveries.'

She tells of how the man went on to talk about how Boyle disproved Aristotle's theory on how heavy objects fall faster than light objects and he allowed the students to demonstrate this. He also showed the students how different objects react when they are put in a vacumn. He did this experiment with balloons, marshmallows, a glass of water and a candle. Aoife says 'it was funny and interesting to see the effects on the objects' .

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