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Reduce your stress levels with composer John Levine

Published 03/09/2013 | 05:24

World renowned composer John Levine will be making a stop off at The Health Store, Carlow, on Monday September 16 as part of his tour of the country.

John's music is proven to actually reduce your brainwaves from a stressed Beta to a relaxed Alpha state and below and his music has already made a huge difference to people all over the world.

The effects of stress are constantly being reported in the news, with some reports saying that 75 - 90% of visits to the doctor can be attributed to stress. Being in a stressed state is detrimental to our health, but it changes our actual brainwaves too. John Levine's music is written so that listener's brainwaves actually drop from a stressed state and into a relaxed one.

His music provides a highly effective and drug free alternative to relieving stress.

Members of the public are being invited to drop in and give it a try as he visits Carlow.

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