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Kathryn's offers of road frontage and marriage!

Published 02/08/2014 | 00:00

Carlow beauty Kathryn Thomas admitted last week that a bit of road frontage and a few acres were most definitely up for grabs as she received more than a few marriage proposals from elderly farmers when she was the host of RTE's Winning Streak.

However, she says that since she stopped presenting the show, moving on to Operation Transformation and The Voice of Ireland, the offers of marriage and land have dwindled slightly.

'I got a few interesting letters from elderly gentlemen looking for a wife,' she said. 'I was told how much land they owned and what size the cow shed was. I considered one or two of them before I realised they were from 85-year-old men!'

Kathryn has definitely used her Carlow charm and has proved extremely likeable to the Irish public, saying that she's never really had any form of hate mail. Her massive likeability is sure to have been a big factor in RTE's decision to renew her two-year contract, ensuring that she will return as the host of Operation Transformation and The Voice of Ireland.

Although she says that she is delighted to be involved in both shows, she Kathryn has already set her sights on another gig in the form of The Late Late Show.

'I think it's the pinnacle for every presenter,' she said. 'But there is a lot to do before you get there. I'd like to do a Kathryn Thomas chat show before I think about The Late Late Show in earnest.'

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