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Gorgeous Goldilocks Not Guilty

Published 05/02/2013 | 12:03

WE ARE very lucky in this part of the world to have that special form of theatre – the Pantomime.

We are doubly lucky in the Carlow area to have the Club Players to deliver extra local conventions in great pantos for more than eight years now. It wouldn't be Christmas if the Carlow Panto crew didn't sing "Ceatharlach" and our favourite cleaners Crazey Daisie (John O'Sullivan) and Lazy Mazie (Bernard Jennings) didn't finish "having a go" at Silly Paton (Jonathan Casey), Jennifer Mundane (Amy Kirwan) , Curley Burley Hurley (Karl Fitzpatrick) and Eileen Trophy (Anne Hutton) with a rousing chorus of "I wanna come back as a man." And we certainly want them back in the 2013 panto. The plot of Goldilocks and the Three Bears had many a new twist as it was set in the courtroom of Judge Hairy Martin (Seamus O'Rourke) and his Court Clerk (Jimma Rae) where Goldilocks (Olive Delaney) was prosecuted by Fina Fall (Pat Kinsella) with breaking and entering, damage to property (a chair) and theft of food (porridge) – the property of Mama Bear (Emma O'Brien), Papa Bear (Paul Rea) and Baby Bear (Dearbhla Kelly). Rebecca Siney played Young Goldilocks. Inspector Well Done (Bernard Jennings) gave evidence of the alleged crimes. John O Suilamháin (John O'Sullivan) defended the accused. Noah About (Liam Kelly) gave expert evidence. In the end Goldilocks was found not guilty of the charges due to temporary insanity caused by a bite from the Mosquito (Ellen McDonald) who had eaten a magic mushroom in Oak Park – as revealed by Fun Guy (Dave Andrews).

The media kept a close eye on proceedings. Olivia O'Dreary (Dee Keane) gave regular reports on OR TEE EEE. The Friends and Panto Dancers, the Teddy Bears Picnic and the Tots made the ten shows in this panto run from 14th to 17th December, 2012 very memorable.

The Panto Dancers brought a special flair with dances including the Time Warp and Robotic Ship Building. Paulina and Darragh Byrne morphed themselves into Daddy Bear's Chair, Mammy Bear's Chair and Baby Bear's Chair with fantastic dexterity and skill.

The talent of Jessica Nolan singing 'My heart will go on' in the Titanic scene made the audience sit up with admiration.

Marian Brophy (Producer, Director and much more) worked her magic again with fellow wizards Ollie Hennessy (Musical Director), Cathal and Shaun Hennessy (musicians), Jonathan Casey (Choreographer), Dave Andrews (Sets) Woody Kane, Cast and backstage team to write, compile and deliver her annual spell. Anne Siney and Bernie O'Halloran looked after the costume department. Anne Hutton co-ordinated make-up. Liam Kelly was Stage Manager.

The GB Shaw Theatre came into its own with full houses of local audiences watching and participating with local performers. Only Club Players audiences get the chance to meet the cast in full costume on the way out in the foyer. BRAVO and Well done everybody on the Panto and roll on the next (late in 2013) – but look out behind you!

John McDarby

Carlow People

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