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Derek can be the next Bublé, says pal Daniel

Published 18/02/2014 | 05:24

Daniel O’Donnell with Derek Ryan.
Daniel O’Donnell with Derek Ryan.

Carlow's very own Derek Ryan's new album has received a glowing endorsement from none other than country legend Daniel O'Donnell.

Speaking ahead of the release of his new single '100 Numbers' and new album 'Country Soul', O'Donnell said that Derek is set for stardom in the UK having already gained a massive following in Ireland, and compared him to superstar crooner Michael Bublé.

'His confidence, boyish charm, charisma and stage presence make him very appealing to all age groups in the same way that Michael Bublé has been,' he said.

The Donegal superstar, who has a massive following all over the world, went on to say that Derek 'can do for country what Michael Bublé has done for traditional swing music – bring it back to the realms of pop!'

Speaking of Derek's performances, Daniel went on to say: 'He has a great, smooth, country voice, brilliant versatility and an excellent live show where he really interacts with the fans on a personal level – I think that's really important for a real musician and performer.

'It is this close relationship with his fans which also make him similar to Bublé – they both respect and love their following very much, I think.'

O'Donnell has a good knowledge of Derek's music, having recorded with him and got to know him on a personal level too. 'As a songwriter, he has a great range and sense of adventure when it comes to choosing topics to write about and then how to figure out the accompanying melodies and chords.'

Daniel's current album 'A Picture of You' features two of Derek's self-penned songs: 'God's Plan' and 'Perfect Days'.

Derek's career has already been littered with successes. Signing to Warner at the age of 17 with his boyband D-Side, Derek went on to make a multi-platinum selling record 'Real World'. He has also been nominated for several Meteor Awards in Ireland but has had global success with a number 1 single in Japan.

As well as this he has had three top 10 hits in the UK and is looking to build on this success with the release of '100 Numbers'. The track itself is clearly rooted in Irish country and folk music but has an unmistakably poppy hook to it which stays with you for hours.

It was, like most of Ryan's music, written by him and the lyrics speak of lacking true friendship despite being surrounded by people and hangers on.

It was inspired by a tough time in his life when he was living in a bedsit in London and desperately wanted to get back to his home in Ireland. He felt alienated and lost, despite the '100 Numbers' in his phone there was no one who could help him shake his melancholia and homesickness.

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