Monday 24 April 2017



Ashford goalkeeper Gerry Kelly gets the ball in his hands as Matt Kennedy dives in in the Premier League clash between Asford Rovers and St Anthony's.
Ashford goalkeeper Gerry Kelly gets the ball in his hands as Matt Kennedy dives in in the Premier League clash between Asford Rovers and St Anthony's.

ADULT RESULTS - PREMIER DIVISION: Arklow United 2, BBK United 3; St. Anthony's 2, Ashford Rovers 1; Rathnew AFC A 9, Arklow Celtic A 0; Enniskerry YC 0, Newtown United A 6.

DIVISION 1: Wicklow Town 2, Wicklow Rovers 0; Celtic Stars 4, St. Fergal's AFC A 1; Wolfe Tone Celtic 2, Rathnew AFC B 2; St. Patrick's w/o, Greystones United A scr.

DIVISION 2: Aughrim Rangers 4, Conary United 2; Glencormac United 3, Saints FC 1; Roundwood 3, Redbank United 2; Arklow Celtic 1, Seaview Wanderers 3.

DIVISION 3: Wicklow Town B 1, Avonmore FC B 2; Greystones United B 1, Fassaroe YC 3; Saints FC B 0, Fairwood Celtic 7; Carnew United 0, Ballywaltrim FC 2; Arklow United B 6, St. Patrick's B 0; MK Dons 1, Shamrock Celtic 2.

U-18 PREMIER DIVISION: Avonmore FC 2, Terenure FC 0; Granada FC A v Esker Celtic 1.00; Greenhill Boys v Woods United 12.45; Ardmore Rovers A v Arklow Town 1.00 (S. Smullen).

U-18 DIVISION 1: St. James' Athletic v Lakeland Boys 12.00; Beechwood FC v Dalkey United 10.30; Granada FC B v Carriglea Boys FC 1.30; Arklow Celtic v AFC Belgrave 3.00 (O. White); Ardmore Rovers B v Cabinteely Boys 1.00 (J. Doyle).

FAI U-17 CUP ROUND 1: Arklow Town 11, Blessington FC 1.

U-17 DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Park Celtic v Enniskerry YC 11.45; Kingswood FC v Glenview FC 1.00; Cabinteely Boys v Dalkey United 1.00; Templeogue United v Beechwood FC B 12.45; Greystones United 0, Beechwood FC A 4; Ashford Rovers v Wicklow Town 2.00 (N. Stafford).


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13 U-18 PREMIER DIVISION: Arklow Town v Terenure FC (C. Doyle).

U-18 DIVISION 1: Roundwood AFC v Beechwood FC 2.00 (S. Byrne); Arklow Celtic v Lakeland Boys 3.00.

U-17 DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Arklow Town v Blessington FC 11.00 (W. Whelan). SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14 FAO JUNIOR CUP ROUND 2: Wolfe Tone Celtic v Edenderry Town 2.30 (D. Lachausse); Stoneyford FC v Arklow Town; Clara Town v Rathnew AFC A.

LFA JUNIOR SHIELD ROUND 1: Redbank United v Phoenix FC 11.00 (M. Kennedy).

WICKLOW CUP ROUND 1: Wicklow Town B v Shamrock Celtic 2.30 (P. O'Brien); Celtic Stars v Ballywaltrim FC 11.00 (D. Jameson); Arklow United A v Wicklow Rovers 11.00 (F. Crossadell); Arklow Celtic B v Wicklow Town A 11.00 (G. Boland); Newtown United A v Saints FC A 11.00 (P. O'Brien); Rathnew AFC A v Glencormac United 11.30 (D. Earls); St. Patrick's B v Conary United 2.30 (M. Kennedy); Arklow Celtic A v Saints FC B 2.00 (F. Crossadell).

PREMIER DIVISION: Shillelagh United v Enniskerry YC 11.00 (C. Doyle); BBK United v Ashford Rovers 11.00 (M. Quinn).

DIVISION 1: Rathnew AFC A v St. Fergal's AFC A 2.30 (P. O'Brien); Avonmore FC A v St. Patrick's A 11.00 (S. Byrne).

DIVISION 2: Aughrim Rangers A v Roundwood AFC 2.30 (C. Doyle).

DIVISION 3: St. Fergal's AFC B v Greystones United 11.30 (C. Hanney); MK Dons v Fassaroe YC 2.30 (W. Whelan); Avonmore FC B v Arklow United B 2.30 (O. White); Carnew United v Fairwood Celtic 2.30 (D. Jameson).

U-18 PREMIER DIVISION: Woods United v Esker Celtic 10.30; Greenhill Boys v Granada FC A 12.45; Ardmore Rovers A v Avonmore FC 1.00.

U-18 DIVISION 1: AFC Belgrave v Ardmore Rovers B 11.30; Dalkey United v Granada FC B 1.15; Carriglea Boys v Shankill 10.15; Cabinteely Boys v St. James' Athletic 11.30.

U-17 DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Rathgar FC A v Enniskerry YC 10.30; Dalkey United v Rathgar FC B 11.30; Templeogue United v Beechwood FC A 11.45; Glenview FC v Beechwood FC B 2.30 (J. Doyle); Park Celtic v Ashford Rovers 11.30; Greystones United v Wicklow Town 1.00; Cabinteely Boys v Shankill FC 12.15.


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13 U-8 GREEN: St. Anthony's v Wicklow Rovers A 12.00. U-8 WHITE: Arklow United v Rathnew 10.00. U-8 YELLOW: St. Patrick's B v Aughrim Rangers 11.00.

U-8 RED: Newtown Juniors v St. Patrick's 12.00.

U-9 GREEN: Ardmore Rovers A v Rathnew 11.00.

U-9 BLUE: Newtown Juniors v Fassaroe YC 11.00.

U-9 ORANGE: St. Patrick's v Ardmore Rovers C 12.00.

U-12 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Little Bray United v Arklow United 11.30; Ashford Rovers v Rathnew 10.30.

U-13 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Wicklow Rovers B v Ashford Rovers.

U-14 PREMIER SHIELD: Wicklow Town A v Greystones United A 11.00.

U-14 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Ardmore Rovers v Avonmore 10.00; Wolfe Tone C v Arklow Town B 11.30.

U-14 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Ashford Rovers v Wicklow Rovers B; Arklow United B v Greystones United B.

U-15 PREMIER SHIELD: Arklow United v Arklow Town; Wicklow Rovers A v Wicklow Rovers B.

U-15 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Enniskerry v Wolfe Tone; Greystones United v Aughrim Rangers.

U-16 PREMIER SHIELD: Arklow Town A v Greystones United; Coolboy Rangers v Wicklow Rovers.

U-16 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Arklow Town B v St. Anthony's; Ashford Rovers v Roundwood. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14 U-8 GREEN: Ardmore Rovers A v Ashford Rovers A 11.00. U-8 WHITE: Wolfe Tone A v Arklow Town. U-8 GOLD: Wicklow Rovers B v Ashford Rovers B; Glencormac United v Ardmore Rovers B.

U-8 YELLOW: Carnew v Coolboy Rangers; Avonmore v Wicklow Town.

U-8 RED: Ardmore Rovers C v Roundwood 12.00. U-9 GREEN: Wicklow Rovers A v St. Anthony's. U-9 WHITE: Arklow United v Ashford Rovers A 10.00; Greystones United A v Enniskerry A.

U-9 GOLD: Greystones United B v Ardmore Rovers B; Glencormac United v Arklow Town A.

U-9 BLUE: Greystones United D v Wicklow Rovers C; Wolfe Tone A v Wicklow Rovers B.

U-9 YELLOW: Roundwood v Coolboy Rangers; Greystones United C v St. Fergal's.

U-9 RED: Aughrim Rangers v Arklow Town B; Ashford Rovers B v Carnew.

U-9 ORANGE: Greystones United E v Enniskerry B.

U-10 PREMIER: Arklow Town A v Enniskerry A; Ashford Rovers v Ardmore Rovers A; Wicklow Rovers A v Greystones United A.

U-10 DIVISION 1: Arklow Town B v Rathnew; Greystones United B v Wicklow Rovers B; Roundwood v Arklow United.

U-10 DIVISION 2: Wicklow Rovers C v Enniskerry B; Greystones United C v Coolboy Rangers; Ardmore Rovers B v Greystones United D 11.00; Wicklow Town v Greystones United E 11.00.

U-11 PREMIER: Arklow Town A v Coolboy Rangers; Roundwood v Wicklow Town; Carnew v Greystones United A.

U-11 DIVISION 1: Avonmore v Ardmore Rovers; Wolfe Tone A v St. Anthony's; Wicklow Rovers A v Newtown Juniors.

U-11 DIVISION 2: Arklow United v Aughrim Rangers 12.00; Arklow Town B v Enniskerry; Greystones United B v Ashford Rovers.

U-11 DIVISION 3: Greystones United C v St. Patrick's; Wicklow Rovers B v Wolfe Tone B; Ashford Rovers B v Fassaroe YC.

U-12 PREMIER SHIELD: Greystones United A v Aughrim Rangers; Wicklow Town v Wicklow Rovers A 11.00.

U-12 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Newtown Juniors v Ardmore Rovers; Roundwood v Avonmore.

U-12 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Enniskerry v Wolfe Tone B.

U-12 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Glencormac United v St. Anthony's 11.00; Wicklow Rovers B v Greystones United B; St. Fergal's v Arklow Town B 10.00.

U-13 PREMIER SHIELD: Avonmore v Wicklow Rovers A; Greystones United A v Wolfe Tone A.

U-13 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Enniskerry v Arklow United.

U-13 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: St. Anthony's v Arklow Town B 11.30; Aughrim Rangers v Greystones United B 10.00.

U-13 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Roundwood v Enniskerry B 10.00.

U-14 PREMIER SHIELD: Wolfe Tone A v Arklow Town A 11.30.

U-14 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: St. Anthony's v Wicklow Rovers A 10.00; Aughrim Rangers A v Wolfe Tone B 11.30.

U-15 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: St. Anthony's v Avonmore 11.30.

U-16 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: St. Fergal's v Roundwood 11.30.


U-8 RED: St. Patrick's A 2, Ardmore Rovers C 4 (Dylan Ryan 2, Donal Rafferty, Cian Crabb).

U-8 GREEN: Ashford Rovers A 1 (Ronan White), St. Anthony's 2 (Craig Davis 2); Wicklow Rovers A 3 (Charlie Phelan, Rory Hennessy, Aaron Murray), Ardmore Rovers A 1 (Luke Leddy).

U-8 WHITE: Rathnew 3 (Cole Byrne 3), Wolfe Tone A 3; Arklow United 0, Arklow Town A 6.

U-8 GOLD: Ashford Rovers B 0, Glencormac United 4 (Shane Merriman, Charlie Ward, Jack Carey 2); Wicklow Rovers B 0, Ardmore Rovers B 6 (Sean O'Brien 2, Alex Nolan, Jack Kelly, Adam Byrne, Sonny).

U-8 YELLOW: Carnew 1, Wicklow Town 0; St. Patrick's B 1, Coolboy Rangers 16 (Ciaran Lambert 6, McDara O'Neill 3, Jack Deegan 2, Eddie Cullen 2, Ryan Hilliard 2); Aughrim Rangers 8 (James Byrne 2, Calum Cairn Duff Byrne 2, Alex Kavanagh 2, Adam Healy, Jack Devitt), Avonmore 3.

U-9 GREEN: St. Anthony's 0, Ardmore Rovers A 9 (Oisin Kennedy 5, Daragh O'Sullivan 2, Cian Longmore 2); Rathnew 2 (Ethan Power, Josh O'Toole), Wicklow Rovers A 1 (Glen Broughan).

U-9 WHITE: Enniskerry A 1, Arklow United 1 (Eoin O'Neill); Ashford Rovers A 2 (Evan Glynn 2), Greystones United A 4.

U-9 GOLD: Arklow Town A 1, Greystones United B 4; Ardmore Rovers B 0, Glencormac United 5 (Kieren Griffith 3, John Fox, Luke Kelly).

U-9 BLUE: Wolfe Tone A 4, Greystones United D 1.

U-9 YELLOW: Coolboy Rangers 3 (Callum Paterson, Odhran Doyle, Eddie Cullen), Greystones United C 2.

U-9 RED: Arklow Town B 0, Ashford Rovers B 6 (Ronan Gilpin 4, Adam Kearns, Liam Cunningham); Aughrim Rangers 0, Carnew 2.

U-9 ORANGE: Enniskerry B 2, Ardmore Rovers C 3 (Aaron 2, Max O'Connell).

U-10 PREMIER: Greystones United A 5, Ashford Rovers 2 (Sam Bishop, Mikey Gleeson); Ardmore Rovers A 0, Arklow Town A 1; Enniskerry A 3, St. Anthony's 1 (Michael Gray).

U-10 DIVISION 1: Roundwood 2, Wicklow Rovers B 2 (Adam O'Reilly 2); Arklow United 6 (Joe McGeary 5, Sean Clare), Arklow Town B 1; Greystones United B 2, Rathnew 2 (Eoin Doyle, Owen McGuinness).

U-10 DIVISION 2: Greystones United D 0, Greystones United C 6; Coolboy Rangers w/o, Wicklow Rovers C scr; Enniskerry B 1, Wicklow Town 0; Greystones United E 3, Ardmore Rovers B 6 (Robert O'Donoghue 3, Luke Glynn 2, Sam Smith).

U-11 PREMIER: Roundwood 1, Coolboy Rangers 0; Arklow Town 6, Carnew 2; Wicklow Town 6 (Dylan Kavanagh 2, Dylan Doyle 2, Matthew Ryan, Jack Fox), Greystones United A 2.

U-11 DIVISION 1: Ardmore Rovers 1 (Ethan Dehantschutter), St. Anthony's 2 (Derek Byrne, Ben O'Neill).

U-11 DIVISION 2: Ashford Rovers A 5 (Ryan Whelan, Oisin Timmons, Caolann Mooney 2, Matthew Quinn), Arklow United 2 (Adam Lambert, Cian McLoughlin); Greystones United B 3, Enniskerry 6; Arklow Town B 0, Aughrim Rangers 8 (Dylan Molloy 5, Dara O'Shea, Robert Davey, Conor Byrne).

U-11 DIVISION 3: Wicklow Rovers B 2 (Daniel Murphy, Charlie Christie), Fassaroe YC 3; Greystones United C 3, Wolfe Tone B 2; St. Patrick's 7 (Paddy Roche 4, Dylan Tuke 2, Adam Arslan), Ashford Rovers B 2 (Keevan Doyle 2).

U-12 PREMIER SHIELD: Wicklow Town 2 (Jack Calaluca, Brandon Aronu), Arklow Town A 13; Aughrim Rangers 3 (Sean Byrne, Luke Brown, Adam Keegan), Greystones United A 7.

U-12 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Avonmore 4, Ardmore Rovers 4 (Jarad Nolan, Jake Murray, Stephen Crabb, Rory Whelan).

U-12 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Arklow United 8 (Olufemi Tanimowo 3, Luke Lennon 2, Ethan Curran, Keith Kelly, Darren Riley), Enniskerry 4; Wolfe Tone B 3, Rathnew 2 (Owen Gregory, Nicky Kearney); Little Bray United 1, Ashford Rovers 6 (Niall Gaffney 3, Davis Eivers 2, Ryan Turner).

U-12 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Glencormac United 2 (Sean Redden, Charlie Jones), St. Fergal's 4; St. Anthony's 9 (Mikel Counihan 3, Alec Greene 2, Tom Fitzgerald, Sam Gamell, Brian Devereux, Own Goal), Wicklow Rovers B 0; Greystones United B 7, Arklow Town B 1.

U-13 PREMIER SHIELD: Wicklow Rovers A 3 (Luca Rampersaud 2, Adam Cullen), Greystones United A 2; Wolfe Tone A 0, Avonmore 9.

U-13 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Arklow United 1 (Adam Lennon), Enniskerry 7; Ashford Rovers 6 (Ruadhan F. Verbruggen 2, Cormac Doyle 2, Nathan Doyle 2), Wicklow Rovers B 1 (Stuart Cox).

U-13 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Ardmore Rovers 4 (Manus De Poar 3, Ryan Nelson), St. Anthony's 4 (Cian Davis 2, Tristan Grant, Ross Stephens); Greystones United B 2, Arklow Town B 2.

U-13 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Roundwood 0, St. Patrick's 2 (Cian O'Hara, Dean Carter).

U-14 PREMIER SHIELD: Arklow United A 3 (Peter Hempenstall, Philip Malmo 2), Arklow Town A 4; Greystones United A 2, Arklow Town A 0.

U-14 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Wicklow Rovers A 4 (JJ Power 2, Shane Devlin, Michael Anthony Doyle), Wolfe Tone B 1; Aughrim Rangers A 3 (Luke Mullens 2, Kadir Arslam), St. Anthony's 4 (Stephen Hunt, Daniel Grehan, Cormac Lock, Nathan Corkish).

U-14 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Enniskerry 3, Avonmore 2; Avonmore 4, Arklow Town 4; Enniskerry 3, Ardmore Rovers 2 (James Verscoyle, Ben Fay)

U-14 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Wicklow Rovers B 7 (Alfie Heather 6, Jack Doran), Arklow United B 3 (Matas Lukosevicius 3).

U-15 PREMIER SHIELD: Arklow Town 10, Ardmore Rovers 2 (Jason Somers, Shane Molloy); Wicklow Rovers 6 (Ross Quinn 2, Eoin McAulay, Andrew Earls, Adam Copeland, Colin O'Toole), Arklow United 3 (Cian Li, Zach Kilbride, Calem Devereux).

U-15 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Greystones United 1, St. Anthony's 9 (Kenneth Turner 5, Dylan Carthy 2, Ryan Heffernan, Cian Condren); Wolfe Tone 3, Aughrim Rangers 4 (Darragh Gavin 2, Shane McGuickan, Alfie Breslin); Avonmore 3, Enniskerry 3.

U-16 PREMIER SHIELD: Greystones United 2, Wicklow Rovers 5 (Kieran Bloomfield 3, Liam Kavanagh, Darragh O'Connor).

U-16 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Ardmore Rovers 5 (Max Gallagher 2, Jack Fitzgerald 2, Carl Doyle), Ashford Rovers 4 (Jordan Marah 2, Ben Fleming, Mikey Traynor).

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