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Young men rescue two elderly people from fatal blaze



Published 09/01/2013 | 09:27

TWO HEROIC youths rescued two elderly people from a blazing house in Bray in which a woman in her 70s died.

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Following the rescue, the two passersby left the scene of the blaze in Waverly Crescent without identifying themselves.

The rescuers were later named as Fassaroe youths Dean Davis and Sean McDermott.

The blaze broke out in the bedroom of the property at around 1.30 a.m. on the night of the tragedy. The cause of the fire is still unknown however investigations are underway.

The dead woman has been named as Pamela O'Driscoll, a good friend of house owner Betty Dignam, who with lodger Tom May was rescued from the house. She was an ' angel' and a ' real lady' according to neighbour Billy Burke, who added that Pamela had been very kind to Betty, particularly since her sister's death five years ago.

The scene on Sunday morning was attended by the fire service, gardai and paramedics. Mr. Burke explained that fire fighters had to break down their door next to the burning house in order to get the Burke family to safety.

Betty's pet dog Salis survived the blaze and was sent to a friend until her release from hospital. Betty is now staying with friends locally and has been described as a very strong woman.

Dean and Sean managed to get Tom and Betty out of the house after the alarm was raised.

Pam's way downstairs was blocked by fire. She could be seen at an upstairs window in a distressed state prior to her collapse. It is believed that smoke inhalation caused her death.

Mr. Burke said that the gardai and emergency services were to be highly commended on their work that night.

While Bray Fire Service said 'well done' to Dean and Sean, they urge members of the public to steer clear of dangerous situations. ' Please remember that we are the trained professionals to go in and deal with these situations,' they said.

'We all know it's only human nature to try and help but the last thing we want is to deal with extra casualties. Be extremely cautious if you come across anything like this.

'I just had to help them,' said Dean, who was walking along the road with Sean when they learned of the fire.

They tried to break down the door and when they couldn't they managed to break a window and get Betty and Tom to safety.

Dean said that he didn't think about it until afterwards and the two lads just kept walking when they had played their part in the rescue.

They are surprised at the reaction to their bravery since the incident.

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