Tuesday 19 September 2017

We say 'Yes' in Children's Referendum


THE CHILDREN'S REFERENDUM was passed in Wicklow on Saturday with 60 per cent voting in favour of the referendum.

With turnout just 39.7 per cent more than half the county's eligible voters didn't vote and the result was declared around 1pm on Saturday in the count centre in Greystones.

The tallyman turnout in Wicklow reflected the voter turnout, with only a handful of volunteers in attendance to help count ballot papers on Saturday morning.

Wicklow's electorate was 94,956 but just 37,670 came out to cast their ballot.

A total of 141 votes (0.4 per cent) of the ballots were spoilt leaving a valid poll of 37,529.

A tally of postal votes in Wicklow, which were cast prior to the Supreme Court ruling on the Government's referendum campaign, shows a considerably larger majority for the Yes side compared to votes cast throughout the county on Saturday.

Of the 243 postal votes, 84.4 per cent were in favour of the amendment, while just 15.6 per cent were against it.

Despite the poor turnout Wicklow's turnout was deemed relatively high compared to the national average.

Nationally the referendum was passed by a majority of 58 per cent to 42 per cent with a turnout of 33.5 per cent.

Of the 3,183606 eligible voters just 1,066,239 cast their vote.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny welcomed the result saying 'it is a historic day for the children of Ireland as it is the first time the Constitution of this Republic will recognise them as citizens in their own right.

'I thank the Irish people for exercising their democratic right to vote and I would also like to thank the various organisations that campaigned for a Yes vote.

' This Government has a deep commitment to families and children. The passing of this amendment will help make childhood a good, secure and loving space for all our children. It will also give hope, reassurance and confidence to parents, foster parents and vulnerable children.'