UFO band joins the circus

Published 11/06/2014 | 05:22

The Universal Funk Orchestra perform at Circus Gerbola in aid of Team Gavin Glynn: UFO (L-R) Paul Byrne, Aoife Hester, Elliot Crampton, Emma Nicolai and Brian Mitchell.

UFO took over Circus Gerbola in Greystones at the weekend with their take on Thin Lizzy's Live & Dangerous.

Universal Funk Orchestra is a musical collective and brainchild of drummer and Svengali-type Paul Byrne. Every month they take on a new iconic album with a new set of musicians.

Meanwhile, Circus Gerbola is in town and between themselves and Paul they decided to use the big top at Eire Og GAA grounds in Greystones to put on a fundraiser in aid of the Gavin Glynn cause.

There was additional music from Huegrass and Dylan Crampton, as well as dancing a plenty from the audience.

'Thanks to all at Gerbola for inviting us into their home for this wild and wonderful party,' said Paul who also thanked the other aces as well as Noel Dicker and Bobby Vickers for the sound system.

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