Tuesday 26 September 2017

Thugs attack passing bus with rocks



PASSENGERS on a local bus suffered a terrifying ordeal in Bray last week when a gang of youths hurled rocks at the vehicle.

The 'ambush' occurred on Killarney Road in broad daylight last Wednesday, in the St Fergal's Church area.

The driver was forced to divert the bus route to avoid further damage as the gang of teenage thugs hurled missiles at the 145.

The incident occurred close to St Fergal's Church. There was damage to a number of windows on the bus during the onslaught.

' They shattered a top window with what sounded like a brick,' said one passenger on board the 145 during the frightening blitz. ' They broke three windows.'

Gardaí in Bray said that they have received reports of the highly dangerous activity.

Sergeant John Fitzpatrick of Bray Garda Station explained that the young males were hiding before emerging with the stones and throwing them at the bus.

' They could have caused an accident if the driver had swerved, or injured a passenger on board with broken glass or a rock,' said Sgt Fitzpatrick.

' They may not realise the seriousness of what they were doing but it is important that young people understand the danger such activity can pose to the public.'