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Shop at 4.00am, and beat the Christmas rush

Published 20/12/2001 | 00:11

Christmas shopping usually leaves you feeling like you've just come out of a spin cycle - bedraggled and flat.

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It's all that pushing at the checkout, wrestling with anyone who looks like they may be about to grab the last jar of cranberry sauce, and heart-stopping moments as you negotiate the packed carpark.

-Greystones shoppers are to be spared the torture this year, as Tesco in the town has decided to open its doors 24 hours a day up for the entire week before Christmas.

This means that if you want you can avoid the rush - and take your trolley for a leisurely spin down the empty aisles at four o'clock in the morning in peace, provided everybody else hasn't had the same idea, of course.

Tesco say that they are operating this open all hours policy in stores where many local residents are in work at normal opening hours.

Manager of Tesco Greystones Paul Gibney thinks 'midnight shopping' adds a bit of fun to the festive season. 'This is a new experience for most of our customers and is adding a unique and interesting aspect to Christmas shopping.'

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