Thursday 24 April 2014

Sheep Wool Insulation - natural and eco-friendly

SHEEP Wool Insulation was founded in 2001 to provide 100% Natural Sheep Wool Insulation to the market in response to a desire for a more eco-friendly insulation product. Sheep Wool Insulation is made from 100% pure wool and is the environmentally friendly, green way to insulate. It is a sustainable and renewable resource, reducing your carbon footprint.

10 reasons to use 100% Sheepwool Insulation:

- Sheepwool Insulation has the highest ecological credentials: We are the only 100% naturally produced fibrous insulation product on the market. We do not use polyester as a 'filling' material.

- 100% Sheepwool naturally purifies the air through its control of humidity. It also helps to keep moisture away from timber and allow it to breathe more.

- 100% Sheepwool will keep its insulation value even if moisture is present in the building.

- 100% Sheepwool helps to keep the building cool in the summer through humidity control.

- 100% Sheepwool keeps it's 'loft' through the lifecycle — it does not slump or reduce in thickness over the years, unlike polyester or fibreglass.

- 100% Sheepwool helps to reduce the surface spread of flame in a fire situation.

- 100% Sheepwool uses only 15% of the energy to produce when compared with fibreglass and solid foam insulation.

- 100% Sheepwool is fully biodegradable at the end of its life; polyester mix, fibreglass and foam insulation will not degrade naturally.

- 100% Sheepwool has no health side effects to our knowledge; this is not the case with fibreglass.

- 100% Sheepwool supports a struggling agriculture sector economy by purchasing our wool from Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English Farms.

Sheep Wool Insulation — natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

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