Samantha gives tips on getting dogs to behave

Published 15/05/2013 | 05:22

Samantha Rawson Dog Training Demonstration at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion: Samantha Rawson with Sassy and Madeleine and Leon Kavanagh
Samantha Rawson with Sassy and Madeleine and Leon Kavanagh.

Dog trainer Samantha Rawson was at the Powerscourt Garden Pavillion recently to give an audience hints and tips on how to get their dogs to behave.

Samantha is a certified behaviour and training consultant and members of the audience were intent on improving their misbehaving mongrels.

Samantha, with 20 years of experience in the area, uses motivational and reward-based methods and knows that you get back what you put in with dogs.

'I love training dogs as all dogs are individuals and dogs and their owners are as unique as each other,' said Samantha, adding that she uses positive and humane methods in dog training.

Important things for any owner to keep in mind are patience, an understanding of canine behaviour and psychology, and responsible dog ownership and safety.

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