Wednesday 28 June 2017

Harbour is top of the agenda


NOT FOR THE first time the Greystones Harbour Development dominated much the local town council meeting.

Director of Services with Wicklow County Council, Sean Quirke, was on hand to answer the numerous questions the members had and also gave them a detailed report of the current position.

Mr. Quirke said 'Sispar has advised that the required agreements and funding for the proposed Primary Care Centre are now in place to allow the construction to proceed early in 2013.'

He said ' the new Primary Care Centre at Greystones Harbour will be delivered by Sispar and Meret Healthcare under the HSE's Primary Care Infrastructure ( PCI) programme.

'Under the PCI programme the project promoter carries all of the development, funding and operational risk. The promoter must provide for the participation of the General Practitioners, HSE Primary Care and Mental Health Teams and other healthcare services on terms that are acceptable to the HSE, the participants and the project funders. Each Centre involves a large number of stakeholders and the process to finalise agreement is complex.'

Mr. Quirke said that in respect of Greystones ' the building has been fully designed and planning approval secure. A lease has been agreed with the HSE and arrangements will be finalised this month for the participation of local GP practices and other healthcare services.

'Despite the difficult funding environment, all of the constituent parts necessary to achieve this are now in place and all stakeholders are fully committed to delivering this much needed healthcare facility.

'Full scale construction will begin on site in early January', he said.

' The new 3,500 square meter Primary Care Centre in Greystones will provide a comprehensive range of primary care and mental health services delivered by over 100 medical and healthcare professionals.'

Mr. Quirke said the PCC will house local GP practices, local HSE Primary Care and Mental Health Team professionals, community pharmacy operator, community diagnostics provider, physiotherapy service provider, dental and orthodontic care providers.'

He said 'as part of the plan o widen the range of available healthcare services to the local community visiting health consultants and specialists will also be invited to establish new clinics at the centre.'

He said 120 people would be employed during the construction process and said the PCC 'is on course to open in the first quarter of 2014'.

Cllr. Grainne McLoughlin said she was delighted to hear the positive news about the PCC saying she hoped it happened.

Cllr. George Jones said he hoped there wouldn't be any change to the proposed start date saying ' there would be cynicism to another date'.

Cllr. Tom Fortune said if the information provided to the council is totally accurate 'it's good news but we are waiting two years now. Can we be certain of a start date in January?'

Cllr. Ciaran Hayden said he looked forward to the creation of the construction jobs.

Cllr. Stephen Stokes said ' the PCC keeps getting deferred and deferred. I want to see what services are being provided'.

Mr. Quirke said he was in constant communication with Sispar to try move the project along.

' There are five different parties to the PCC - each with its own legal representatives'.

Mr. Quirke said when he had the exact details of the construction timeline he would inform the councillors.

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