Thursday 30 March 2017

Bouncer saves woman from death plunge



A WOMAN threatening to jump from a hotel window onto spiked railings on Bray seafront was saved by local doorman John Traynor.

The lady was a guest in the Heather House hotel on the seafront. She booked into one of the rooms on Saturday evening and ordered a meal and something to drink. Nothing about her behaviour at that point alerted staff to her distressed state.

Later that night at approximately 11 p.m. and during a thunderstorm a neighbour noticed the middle aged woman on a window ledge and at risk of leaping to her death. The local immediately contacted hotel reception, who called emergency services.

Gardaí and the fire service attended the scene. Doormen working in the crowded Martello bar in the hotel made their way upstairs straight away and employee John Traynor had to force the bathroom door to get at the troubled woman.

CONTINUED PAGE 3 He spoke to her briefly but she refused to come inside. She let go of the window ledge and began to fall but John managed to grab her arm and pull her back to safety.

'It could have been a very tragic outcome,' said owner John Duggan. 'When you think about what was underneath the window it's frightening. Her rescue was down to the quick thinking and professionalism of John Traynor. He really saved the day.' He said that the seriousness of what had happened didn't hit him until it was all over. 'I was shaking afterwards,' said John after the heroic rescue.

The woman was brought to St. Vincent's hospital by ambulance. Staff at the Heather House said that she is under the medical supervision of an institution in the United Kingdom and was on release at the time of the incident.

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