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Special delivery!

Mary Fogarty

Published 30/04/2014 | 05:22

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Breta Estere Ezeh who sent a message in a bottle with local artist Alan Hanney from the Dargle River that reached Jura Island in Scotland

A message in a bottle wrapped in red ribbon made its way all the way from Bray to Scotland.

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The message was sent by seven-year-old Bray girl Breta Estere, a first class pupil at St. Patrick's NS. Breta cleaned the bottle and wrote a message including her name, address, age and an email address for her mum's partner Alan.

'I tied a ribbon around the bottle and threw it in the sea,' explained Breta, who never forgot about her message sent out to the world and who got a great response after four months.

She and Alan decided to try the experiment after chatting about the idea. 'We hope the next one will go to Canada!' said Breta, who lives at Sidmonton Avenue.

The day they received a response from Ryan MacDonald on the Isle of Jura, Argyll, Scotland, was a very exciting one. 'I couldn't wait to tell her,' said Alan.

Ryan is 14 and lives on the island of Jura with his parents and two younger brothers.

'We live on a croft, farming cows and sheep, and my dad also works in the local distillery making whiskey,' he said.

He explained that only 180 people live on Jura and they share the island with 5,000 red deer.

'Congratulations on having your message found, which was still in perfect condition. It must be a lucky letter to have made it this far and be found,' said Ryan.

Breta brought the email in to school where her teacher and classmates were amazed with the story.

They replied to Ryan and thanked him very much for finding the letter.

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