Thursday 27 July 2017

Newfoundland band will show off their harmonies

The members of the Once.
The members of the Once.

NEWFOUNDLAND band the Once will perform in Mermaid Arts Centre on Wednesday January 30. Renowned for their wonderful harmonies, the Once has embraced a unique interpretation of Newfoundland music, a genre steeped in the folk traditions of the Irish, Scottish and English settlers of the region.

Hope, tragedy, love and turmoil are intertwined in their music, whether they are singing the traditional airs of their youth, their own songs that speak of love and love defeated, or songs from the array of artists who inspire them.

Perhaps best known for their stunning vocal harmonies, the Once hold within their music all the haunting beauty and drama of their Canadian homeland.

Tickets cost €16 or €14 concession and are available from Mermaid Arts Centre at 01 2724030 or at

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