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Council plans Three Trouts footbridge



Published 14/03/2012 | 10:34

WICKLOW COUNTY COUNCIL will enter into discussions over the erection of a footbridge and enhanced pedestrian facilities at Three Trouts Bridge in Greystones.

The elected members of the council have given the council executive permission to proceed with the footbridge.

Councillors Derek Mitchell and George Jones both felt the bridge was badly needed to improve pedestrian safety.

'It's an old bridge which is too narrow for pedestrians to take,' stated Cllr. Mitchell.

Cllr. Jones described the proposed footbridge as 'a way to facilitate pedestrians because not everyone has cars'.

Not all of the land where the bridge is proposed is owned by Wicklow County Council as a section belongs to Ballymore Homes. This was problematic for Cllr. Barry Nevin, who wondered if Ballymore Homes was in NAMA and felt the matter should be postponed until all the information required was available.

However, County Manager Eddie Sheehy said the only issue in front of the council was to grant or not to grant planning permission.

'We move it through the planning process and then there will be discussions with the developers, who have already indicated they have no objections.'

The council chamber was also informed that there wouldn't be a need for an exchange of lands or funds.

The proposed footbridge would be attached to the eastern side of the existing bridge.

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