Coddle band presents €500 to Bray Lakers

Published 05/12/2012 | 09:24

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BRAY LAKERS were very pleased to receive a cheque for over €500 from local band Coddle.

The band penned a song in support of boxer Katie Taylor last spring, and the ballad became the anthem for Katie's fantastic Olympic victory.

Taylor gave the song her seal of approval and the band said they would give half of any proceeds to the Bray sports and recreation club for people with special needs.

Niall Cloak, Paul Doyle and Linda Ferguson of Coddle were at the Brady Centre last week to hand over the money.

Coddle combines a mix of Irish traditional and contemporary music as well as a slice of American folk and bluegrass, with a vast instrumental mix including whistles, fiddles, guitars and bodhrán.

For more information look the band up on Facebook under CoddleMusic.

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