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Sweet success at Fruit Show

Published 06/11/2013 | 05:22

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Show Secretary Ruth Handy and exhibitor David Warnock getting organised for the Delgany Society’s Fruit Show. Picture: Billy Markham

DELGANY & District Horticultural Society held their Fruit Show in St. Patrick's Recreation Centre, Greystones recently.

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They were overwhelmed this year with huge crops of apples and this was very much borne out by the large turnout of apples and other fruit at the show with several classes having six or more entries.

It was a good evening for those gardening on Church Lane, Greystones, as David Warnock was awarded the Murdock Cup for the best cooking apples and John Markham received the O'Neill Autumn Cup for his exhibit of three beautiful bunches of grapes. Jimmy Kelly, Newcastle exhibited the best dessert apples and won the Rowan Cup.

Major contributors to this extremely high quality exhibition of fruit included, Ken Baker, Betty Lowe, Jim Lynch, Billy Markham, Eva White, Alan Bel, Andrew Hill, Niall Coveney and Frank Coleman whose rotund pumpkin was much admired. The Delgany Committee were very pleased to welcome Harry Johnson who undertook the difficult task of judging the exhibits.

To bring the evening to a fitting conclusion the Society had invited Maria Melvin, Chairperson Rush & District Horticultural Society, to give a Lecture on Maria's great passion, 'gardening'. Maria, twice All-Ireland Sweet Pea Champion, regaled the thirty plus attendance with her Sweet Pea exploits. She has happy memories of exhibiting at the RDS's Dublin Horse Show when the RHSI held a show as part of it and now avidly shows her flowers at all the Shows in the Greater Dublin Area including at the Bray Show.

Seed saving is another near obsession with her and she brought along multiple packets of seed saved from her own garden which were shared with her audience. A third great interest is Primula Auriculas and she had two trays of seedlings to present to interested society members on condition that they grow them on and share them with others.

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