Eddie Hobbs speaks at dealing with debt talk

Published 17/07/2013 | 05:22

Eddie Hobbs and Stephen Donnelly at their 'Get on Top of Debt' meeting at the Royal Hotel.

Economist Eddie Hobbs was in Bray last weekend to join Stephen Donnelly at a seminar on dealing with debt.

'The event was a huge success,' said Deputy Donnelly, who organised the seminar in the Royal Hotel. 'People came from up and down the East coast, someone even came up from Cork. Thanks to the expertise of Eddie Hobbs, Noeline Blackwell, Ross Maguire and Michael Bolger, everyone came away with a much better understanding of what options are open to those struggling with different types of debt.'

He said that the most important message from the day was that there are now viable options and solutions for dealing with insolvency or bankruptcy.

'The worst thing people can do is nothing,' said Deputy Donnelly. 'The quicker they bite the bullet the quicker they'll get back on track.'

'Consumer debt is the anchor holding back the recovery of the economy,' said Eddie Hobbs. 'The banks have been playing a game of extend and pretend till now.'

Some of the advice given by the experts on the day included keeping a written record of all communication with your lender. Don't wait for things to get worse - get advice from MABS, FLAC or others before any arrears get out of hand.

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