Friday 18 August 2017

Documentary award for Bray film company


Bray-based company akaJava films, run by Brendan Culleton and Irina Maldea, has won the best Television Documentary Award at the Irish Film and Television Awards 2013 for their documentary CONGO 1961.

The programme tells the story of a company of Irish soldiers involved in the fighting in the Congo in 1961.

The film uses interviews with surviving veterans and newly discovered archive footage.

It was funded by TG4, the Irish Film Board and the Broadcasting Association of Ireland. The interviews were shot in Ardmore Studios, the film was edited in Bray and the music was composed by Bray composer Steve Lynch, and several of the crew are from Bray as the company likes to work with local talent whenever possible. Brendan Culleton said, 'It's great to get national recognition like this for our achievement. Wicklow people have always liked their history, now finally the rest of the country is catching up with us!'

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