Cobra Kan pair Daire and Philip 'Dan' it the hard way

Published 23/01/2013 | 14:19

Daire Lawless and Philip Corway show off their First Dan Black Belt Certificates with Cobra Kan instructor Patricia McQuillan.

TWO Cobra Kan students earned a huge honour last month when they when they graded to their First Dan Black Belt.

All the hard training paid off for Daire Lawless and Philip Corway who spent countless hours teaching classes, performing moves and katas and achieving a true understanding of the sport of Kickboxing.

Both students have been heavily involved within Cobra Kan and kickboxing for a large part of their lives and they were tested on all these areas of kickboxing and passed successfully.

In late November Cobra Kan held a club competition in St. Gerards Hall, as the club's huge entourage of junior students fought in competition for the first time.

Over 40 students competed on the day and all fighters showed their commitment to training, learning and fitness.

Instructors Patrica McQuillian and Bernard Duffy extended their congratulations to all students.

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