'There's a great little Dundalk community out here in Perth'

Published 21/11/2012 | 09:15

Life on the beach, Down Under, from left to right, Janice Moran, Dean Moran both Point Road, Rita McShane, Carlingford, John O'Brien, Pearse Park, Ryan Moran, Bay Estate and Darren Tuite, Greenacres.

THE city of Perth is home to a thriving Dundalk community, according to Ryan Moran.

Ryan, from Bay Esate, is among a huge swathe of local people forced to emigrate in recent years to look for work abroad.

'I suppose the real reason I emigrated was, like the thousands of others back home, there was 'no work' and the dole line didn't seem too attractive, so I upped and headed for Oz.'

He explained that Perth was always going to be his first choice as his two brothers, Kyle and Ross where already living and working in the Western Australian city.

'Shortly after I had another brother Dean along with his wife Janice join us out here for a year's break so my poor Mam and Dad had four out of five children leave the country due to the economy and the state the country was in, just leaving my sister Shannon back home.'

Despite the attraction of yearround idyllic weather, Ryan added that moving thousands of miles from home wasn't an easy decision to make.

'For me, being a real home bird, home sickness was always going to be a big issue and I have to say I got it very bad at times in the first year.

But everyone out here says it hits and you just have to ride the wave... having my brothers out here I have to say made it so much easier and thankfully as everyone said it does pass.'

'Having been settled out here now for two years life is great! Work is always an early start normally 5.30 or 6, but you finish around 3.30, then off to the beach.

'Perth has some of the best weather in the world. Through winter it normally stays around the mid-20s and in summer it sores into the 40s which took a bit of getting use to.'

I suppose it is what people imagine... sun, sea, shrimps on the barbi, and well paid jobs so I guess at the minute life is good.'

He added: 'There's a great little Dundalk community out here and were all very close like a family which is great, amoung some heads are Niall Neary from Red Barns, Louth County player John O'Brien, Darren Tuite, Greenacres, along with John Bowland, Jonny Lynch, Stephen McSorley, Sharleen Black Fitsimmons, and Rita McShane, and a few fallen comrades who are back home Mark Duffy and Brian Hanratty.

'At one stage I nearly had them all working on the site!'

Ryan, who is hoping to return home for Christmas, added: 'I want to give a big shout out to the Young Ireland's who got promoted this year!'

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