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Suffered from depression from alleged incidents

Published 22/02/2012 | 10:38

ONE OF the men who brought a civil case against his neighbour at the district court last week alleging there had been 'acts of intimidation' against him and his partner says he has suffered from depression as a result of the alleged incidents.

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And it was revealed in a part-hearing of the case last week that both the couple and their neighbour have put their homes up for sale.

Part-time tutor James O'hare said he believed the trouble with neighbour Paul Savage, who has taken a counterclaim against the couple, began when a shed was put up in Mr Savage's garden.

When the couple brought an appeal against a council decision to allow Mr Savage to retain the shed, retention was overturned and Mr O'hare said the couple's BMW jeep was damaged shortly afterwards.

Mr O'hare said they were advised by Gardai to erect CCTV cameras at their property.

He said the couple became 'afraid to leave the house' after Mr Savage put up cameras at his home next door.

Mr O'hare claimed one of Mr Savage's cameras looked into the couple's bedroom.

He also alleged that a powerful outside spotlight was switched on and off a number of times and claimed Mr Savage used to leave a lawnmower running all day without it being used. Mr O'hare said he had been treated for depression and his GP gave evidence.

Mr Moley, a probation officer, had not taken a personal injury claim against Mr Savage but was seeking money for the cancellation of a holiday in 2008 and for not being able to work for a time.

Mr Savage's sister's fiance, Sgt. Terry Steeples of the Irish Defence Forces, said he was a near neighbour of both sides and claimed there had been loud music coming from Mr Savage's house and alleged his future brother-in-law told him: ' When all this shit is over, I'm going to make sure I drive those two queers from the house'.

Mr Steeples agreed, under crossexamination, that his fiancee was on one side of a family dispute while her brother was on the other and there was 'extremely bad blood' between members of the Savage family that started after their father died in 2009.

Mr Savage has still to put his side to Judge Patrick Mcmahon and the case is adjourned to March 26th.

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