Students compete for top attendance



Published 09/01/2013 | 10:37

Margarita Kalvatyte-Morrissey receiving her new bicycle from court clerk Noleen Halpin and members of the Garda Síochána in the O'Fiaich College gym.

O'FIAICH COLLEGE ran an attendance campaign in the run up to Christmas entitled ' Every Day Counts.'

Attendance was monitored daily and classes were in competition with each other to have the best class attendance records.

Certificates, pens and Easter eggs were awarded to students whose attendance improved and students who had 100% attendance.

This academic year the attendance campaign took place during the seven weeks up to Christmas. Once again classes competed with each other and students were rewarded with certificates and other goodies.

All students who had 100% attendance were entered into a draw to win a bicycle sponsored by Noleen Halpin (Dundalk court clerk), Dundalk gardaí and Begley's bicycle shop.

The winner of the bicycle was announced at the attendance awards ceremony which was held on Wednesday, December 19, in the school gym. Congratulations were passed to Magarita KalvatyteMorrissey who won the bicycle.

All other students who had very good or improved attendance were rewarded with certificates and selection boxes.

Earlier last term, to kick start the campaign, the metalwork classes constructed a metal and wood display depicting the words 'Every Day Counts'.

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