Some students 'cannot afford' to go to college

Published 05/12/2012 | 10:16

Some students are skipping college altogether as they struggle to cope with the financial pressure, meanwhile many families are turning to the Saint Vincent de Paul for help.

SOME DKIT students are missing classes because they cannot afford to go to college, according to Students' Union President David Brannigan.

He confirmed that students are struggling to make ends meet as they await payment of the first installment of their maintenance grants which has been delayed because of the backlog of applications through the new centralised system.

'It's a big issue for students and is getting worse as week after week goes by.'

There has been an increase in the number of students applying for help from the Emergency Assistance fund which is administered by Student Services at DkIT.

' The delays are affecting first year students as everyone else is already in the system from previous years and we've also discovered that it is affecting students who have gone on to do an add-on Level 8 Fetac course.'

Students living away from home or commuting to the college are feeling the pinch, with some picking the days to attend classes as they cannot afford the cost of travelling to college or eating on campus.

'I've definitely noticed that some students have stopped going to classes, not because they are lazy but because of of the financial pressure.'

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