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Results from St Oliver Plunkett NS sports day

Published 12/07/2014 | 12:00

SAINT Oliver Plunkett National School held its annual sports day prior to the break for summer holidays. The results of the various events were as follows:

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Boys Sprint: 1st Sean Spaight 2nd Jack Green 3rd Sean McKenna. Girls Sprint: 1st Sophie Hanlon 2nd Anna Mc Geough 3rd Zoe Richardson.

Boys Sack Race: 1st Ronan Traynor 2nd Eoin Traynor 3rd Daniel Gatta, Girls Sack Race: 1st Meghan McEvoy 2nd Zoe Richardson 3rd Lily Delany.

Boys Bean Bag Race: 1st Oscar Conway 2nd Pearse Murphy 3rd Max Donohue. Girls Bean Bag Race: 1st Abbie Durnin 2nd Marie Gallagher 3rd Cara Gartland.


Boys Sprint: 1st Cormac Broe 2nd Liam Tiernan 3rd Shay Neary. Girls Sprint: 1st Edie Henry 2nd Sadhbh Peelo 3rd Aoibhe Reilly.

Boys Sack Race: 1st Liam Tiernan 2nd Shay Neary 3rd Cormac Broe. Girls Sack Race: 1st Erin Finnegan 2nd Clodagh Mac Shane 3rd Ruby Nolan.

Boys Bean Bag: 1st Jake Logan 2nd Finn Madine 3rd David Cloone & Cormac Broe. Girls Bean Bag: 1st Clara Egan 2nd Ruby Nolan 3rd Emma Gaughran.


Boys Sprint: 1st Ralph Tinsley 2nd Padraic Finnerty 3rd Conall Duffy. Girls Sprint: 1st Rebecca Baldwin 2nd Lucy Reid 3rd Keelan Bewley.

Boys Sack Race: 1st Lochlann Mattison 2nd Conall Duffy & Oisin Farrell 3rd Alex O'Kane. Girls Sack Race: 1st Keelan Bewley 2ndAine Cassidy 3rd Rebecca Baldwin.

Boys Bean Bag & Spoon: 1st Conall Duffy 2nd Matthew Burke 3rd Lochlann Mattison. Girls Bean Bag & Spoon: 1st Rebecca Baldwin 2nd Rebecca Friel 3rd Amy McEvoy.


Boys Sprint: 1st Kenton Kamtchou 2nd Liam McNamara 3rd Sean Cassidy McKeever. Girls Sprint: 1st Sarah Cahill 2nd Tia Power 3rd Mary Rogers.

Boys Sack Race: 1st Noah Fry 2nd Sean Cassidy McKeever 3rd Senan McCarthy. Girls Sack Race: 1st Sarah Cahill 2nd Ciara O'Brien 3rd Ruby McElroy.

Boys Egg & Spoon: 1st Thomas McNamara 2nd Oran Rafferty 3rd Senan McCarthy. Girls Egg & Spoon:1st Kate Delany 2nd Jessica Finnegan 3rd Maeve McCauley.


Boys Sprint: 1st Adam Donohue 2nd Daniel Cartwright 3rd Stephen McCormack & Conrad Quinn. Girls Sprint: 1st Lily McEntegart 2nd Alex Bewley 3rd Faye Tinsley.

Boys Sack Race: 1st Stephen McCormack 2nd Daniel Cartwright 3rd Diarmuid MacShane. Girls Sack Race: 1st Lauren Carroll 2nd Alex Bewley 3rd Maeve Fee.

Boys Egg & Spoon: 1st Stephen McCormack 2nd Cathal MacShane 3rd Diarmuid MacShane. Girls Egg & Spoon: 1st Sophie Reid 2nd Lauren Carroll 3rd Grace Kenneally.

Boys 3-Legged Race: 1st Eoin & Conrad Quinn 2nd Tom Howard & Tom O'Brien 3rd Harry Begley & Sean Briscoe. Girls 3-Legged Race: 1st Leona Mulvey & Lily Mc Entegart 2nd Katie McGeough & Maeve Fee 3rd Faye Tinsley & Niamh Cassidy.


Boys Sprint: 1st Josh Hanna 2nd Aaron Spaight 3rd Daragh O'Gradaigh. Girls Sprint: 1st Kendall Kamtchou 2nd Zoe Mc Gahon 3rd Muireann Carroll, Sophie Woulfe.

Boys Sack Race: 1st Daragh O'Gradaigh 2nd Luke Andrews 3rd Ryan Kenna. Girls Sack Race: 1st Zoe Mc Gahon 2nd Leah McArdle 3rd Sophie Woulfe.

Boys Egg & Spoon: 1st Fiachra O'Hanlon 2nd Barra Duffy 3rd Zak Alderdice. Girls Egg & Spoon: 1st Sophie Woulfe 2nd Bronagh Hughes 3rd Leah McArdle.

Boys 3-Legged Race: 1st Josh Hanna & Fiachra O'Hanlon 2nd Conor Rafferty & Timi Adeniyi 3rd Daragh O'Gradaigh & Kyle O'Neill. Girls 3-Legged Race 1st Kendall Kamtchou & Emily Norton 2nd Leah Mc Ardle & Sophie Woulfe 3rd Tara Herr & Muireann Carroll.


Boys 100m: 1st Steve Kamtchou 2nd Cillian Duffy 3rd Timmy Connolly. Girls 100m: 1st Nessa Reilly 2nd Sarah Kelly 3rd Ciara Cassidy.

Boys 200m: 1st Timmy Connolly 2nd Padraig Grennan 3rd Sean Murphy. Girls 200m: 1st Nessa Reilly 2nd Sarah Kelly 3rd Aoife O'Brien.

Mixed Sack Race: 1st Beth Hughes 2nd Steve Kamtchou 3rd Cillian Duffy. Mixed Egg & Spoon: 1st Beth Hughes 2nd Shane Mullen 3rd Patrick Mullen.

Mixed 3-Legged Race: 1st Beth Hughes & Eve Brosnan 2nd Padraig Grennan & Tom Dunne 3rd Savannah Monahan & Sarah Kelly, Timmy Connolly & Jack Donohue. Slow Bicycle: 1st Cillian Duffy 2nd Lee Donohoe 3rd Eoin Cassidy.


Boys 100m: 1st Gareth Molloy 2nd Eoin Rogers 3rd Peter Woulfe / Eamon Daly. Girls 100m: 1st Ava Kiernan 2nd Attracta Ekwueme 3rd Niamh Cunningham.

Boys 200m: 1st Gareth Molloy 2nd Mark McConnell 3rd Eamon Daly.

Girls 200m: 1st Ava Kiernan 2nd Niamh Cunningham 3rd Attracta Ekwueme Mixed Sack Race: 1st Attracta Ekwueme 2nd Ava Kiernan 3rd Peter Woulfe

Mixed Egg & Spoon: 1st Cathal O'Gradaigh 2nd Eoin Flanagan 3rd Ava Kiernan

3-Legged Race: 1st Ava Kiernan & Attracta Ekwueme 2nd Carissa Lynch & Sophia Mulvihill 3rd Mia Smith & Sorcha Cassidy, Cathal O'Gradaigh & Oisin Mc Dermott. Slow Bicycle Race: 1st Donal Leavy 2nd Jamie Flynn 3rd Patrick Brady.

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