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Rang 999 moments after the break-in

Published 22/02/2012 | 10:38

A THIRD witness to the incident at the Clann Chullain Park estate on June 27 th 2008 gave evidence of how he saw Mr Mccormack trying to get up after he had been hit with a Mercedes.

Gerard Connolly said he heard a car driving in the estate around 6am and when he looked out the window and saw Mccaughey's car hitting a young man standing at a fence outside a house. Mr Connolly said he saw the car reversing once and hitting Mr Mccormack. After that, Mr Mccormack was seen crawling into the garden and resting his back on the rear of a car parked in the driveway.

Seconds later, Gardai arrived.

Gda. Andy Barron was the first officer on the scene.

It was revealed in court that Mccaughey contacted 999 moments after Mr Mccormack left his house and said he was following him.

He gave Gardai a description of Mr Mccormack and told them in what direction he was going.

Four minutes later, at 6.08am, Mccaughey rang 999 again and said the burglar was in the Clann Chullain estate with a suspected broken leg.

Two minutes later, Gda. Barron arrived. He told the jury on the last day of the trial that he saw Mccaughey standing about ten yards away from the scene, dressed in his boxer shorts, alongside a black Mercedes that was parked on the road.

Gda. Barron said he noticed the damage to the railing outside the house and he went over to Mr Mccormack who was sitting on the ground.

He said: 'I looked down at his (Mr Mccormack's) legs. Initially I thought there was a stick on his leg, but it was his shin bone sticking out of his leg. I immediately contacted the ambulance for assistance'.

Gda. Barron said he found two gold and a bronze necklace, as well as three gold earrings on the ground near Mr Mccormack which 'appeared to have fallen out of his pocket'.

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