Monday 22 September 2014

Public have a huge role to play in ending diesel laundering and toxic sludge dumps

Published 21/05/2014 | 05:20

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Dumped IBCs containing toxic sludge from illegal diesel laundering which were dumped at Faughart Graveyard last Thursday and which leaked onto the road.

The scourge of diesel launderers continues to pollute the country lanes to the north of the town, with sludge smeared all over the road at Faughart graveyard last Thursday when two containers were dumped. Both containers were leaking and either the truck which delivered them to the site or other innocent traffic carried the sludge on their tyres along the road.

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This dumping goes on continually with 13 of these International Bulk Containers (IBCs) dumped in the county in five weeks, in four separate incidents. Twice Faughart graveyard was used, once at Ballykelly and once at Haggardstown. Each of these dumped IBC's costs us the taxpayers approximately €1,000 to clean up and dispose of responsibly all the while the criminals continue to operate and make profits, while we pick up the tab.

Faughart and Ballykelly are two of the most regular dumping grounds and, while the dumping can take place at anytime usually under the cover of darkness, I don't recall a single arrest of a truckdriver who must operate a crane to lift the IBCs off the road.

Clearly the public are turning a blind eye to the practice or are afraid to contact gardaí. Someone, somewhere must be aware of the illegal practices, either the shipment of diesel itself, the locations of the fuel laundering plants or the hauliers who are dumping the toxic sludge on our county roads.

While Ballykelly and Faughart appear to be dumping hotspots, the authorities – gardaí, Customs and local authorities – cannot watch every road, day and night in the hope of catching the culprits, they need the assistance of members of the public or else these criminals will continue to operate, escape justice, make profits, while we continue to pick up the tab.

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