Tuesday 28 March 2017

Prometric put Dundalk in spotlight in Brussels


DUNDALK HELD the spotlight at the prestigious European Union and United Nations annual conference in Brussels, The Argus has learned.

The town was represented at the conference by US company Prometric, who launched their new operations centre at Finnabair Business Park in 2011.

The 'Dundalk Experience' presentation told the story of how Prometric has been able to establish a centrepiece organisation for its worldwide test development strategy. The company told of their efforts in ' building a collaborative and innovative team through progressive approaches to recruitment, on-boarding and environment' was the featured presentation during the 9th annual International Organisations Career Development Roundtable, which was hosted in Brussels, Belgium.

Prometric's approach to test publishing 'follows the sun,' as Holly Dance, Prometric's Vice President of Test Development Operations, explained: 'By standardising and automating our workflow process, we are able to stretch our operation across three continents, developing exams better, faster and more cost effectively than alternatives in the industry.'

Prometric's global, 20-hour workday enables the company to begin a project in Ireland before passing the workflow to its test publishers in the U.S. From there, the project can be shared with Prometric's test publishing team in India.

For Prometric's clients — some of the best known companies and organisations in the world — this means being able to bring exams to market in one-third the time of industry norms.

In 2012, Prometric introduced a mobile app, My Item Writer TM, that can allow test content to be developed anytime and anywhere, while seamlessly folding new content into new and existing exams.

In Dundalk, where the My Item Writer app was developed, Prometric is finding the right talent to push for continuous innovation.

Prometric officially launched its Dundalk operation from the ground up in 2012 and exceeded its own goals for first-year hiring, pushing beyond 50 as it grows its business and looks to expand its workforce above 100 in Dundalk by 2014.

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