Prodijig star Darren home for 'A Christmas Cracker'


Published 12/12/2012 | 15:15

Dundalk's Darren Casey (far left, with his dance troupe Prodijig) will be back home to perform in Scoil Rince Mona Ni Rodaigh's show 'A Christmas Cracker' at St. Patrick's GFC Lordship on Saturday.

PRODIJIG star Darren Casey returns to his native Dundalk this weekend to perform at 'A Christmas Cracker.'

The production is being staged by Scoil Rince Mona Ni Rodaigh at St. Patrick's GFC Lordship on Saturday.

'I'm really looking forward to what is set to be a great show,' said Darren, who is making a whistlestop trip home during preparations for Prodijig's tour preparations.

'We've been doing a lot of promotional work ahead of the tour, including appearing on Channel 4's 'Sunday brunch' and BBC Breakfast news on Monday,' said Darren, who is originally from Fatima, but is based between Belfast and London.

Prodijig's star has soared since they won the Sky 1 television show 'Got To Dance' in March this year.

'It has been an absolute whirlwind since we won the show. There was a lot of press and publicity after it, and then we took a bit of time off.'

But with a tour of Ireland and the UK set to kick off in 2012, the hard working dance troupe have been appearing in some of British television's top programmes.

'I'm getting used to that side of it now and it is all very welcome ahead of the tour, as we want to let people know what we've been doing since winning Got To Dance.'

Along with their own rehearsals, Prodijig have also been holding auditions for additional dancers for their tour dates.

' There has been a huge amount of interest in the auditions, we couldn't believe it! People from all over the world have been applying to join us.'

The renewed interest in Irish dance has, he added, been largely down to Prodijig 'pushing the boundaries, and doing something very different.'

Darren originally got his big break after stepping out across the world with Riverdance, the show on which the members of Prodijig actually met.

'We are all very proud of our background in Riverdance. But I'd describe what we do as a more 'street' version of that'

Having had little time to visit family and friends in Dundalk since the group's success, Darren added: 'I'm hoping to get a couple of days at home over Christmas with family, much needed by that stage!'

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