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Map highlights town's disadvantaged areas



Published 16/01/2013 | 09:45

Dundalk as shown in the Deprivation Index 2001 with the most disadvantaged areas in orange.
Dundalk as shown in the Deprivation Index 2001 with the most disadvantaged areas in orange.

A NEW interactive map, based on statistics from the 2006 and 2011 census has highlighted pockets of serious deprivation in Dundalk, with one part of Cox's Demesne being the most deprived in the county.

The mapping application has been developed by the All-Island Research Observatory, NUI Maynooth.

The 2011 deprivation index is a version of work carried by Trutz Haase, social and economic consultant on behalf of ICLRD.

The map colour-codes areas of Ireland and rates them in eight different catagories - from very disadvantaged to very affluent. The way disadvantage and affluence is classed is complicated, but deprivation is indicated by a number of factors including social and labour markers.

These include education and housing quality, as well as unemployment, skills base and single parent families.

Statistics from Census 2011 are collated and an average is reached. Where areas feature in relation to the average determines where they are classed in the index.

The statistics show that Oakland Park, Cedarwood Park and parts of Ashling Park are classed as 'very disadvantaged' and is ranked as the most disadvantaged area out of 462 mapped in County Louth and is 54th out of 18,488 areas in Ireland.

It is marked as having a -25.6 on the ' relative deprivation scale', which means it is 25.6 points below the Irish average.

Marian Park is also classed as 'very deprived', and ranks fourth out of 462 county areas.

Other areas in Dundalk that are classed as 'very disadvantaged' include Fatima Park, which is ranked tenth in the county and has a relative deprivation score of -21.9.

Parts of Muirhevnamor also have been highlighted as 'very disadvantaged' including Aghameen Park and Doolargy Avenue, which also feature in the top ten most deprived areas in the county and are 185th in the country.

Road 2 and Park 1 are also 'very disadvantaged with these areas ranked 16th in the county and 300th in the country.

The map, which is available at, shows that large swathes of Dundalk and North Louth are classed as ' marginally below average', based on 2011 Census results.

Just one area of the town gets the top ranking in the statistics - Chapel Road and Marlbog Road in Haggardstown are classed as 'very affluent'.

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