'Anonymous' artwork installed at Terminal 2

Published 19/03/2014 | 05:20

Emily Maguire, Rachel Morrissey and Akwessi Akiemboto adding their thumb print to the ‘Anonymous’ project in Market Square last summer.

Last summer, townspeople, visiting tourists and resident minority groups living in Dundalk were invited to go along to the Market Square and take part in an innovative art project which aimed to recognise indentity while celebrating difference.

People were asked to literally give 'the thumbs up' for integration by dipping their fingers and thumbs in paint and leaving their unique mark on the piece of art.

The 'Anonymous' project, which received funding from European Union's PEACE III, has been installed at Dublin Airport and is set to be on display in Terminal 2 over the upcoming months.

The project's creator Brian McKillop explains: 'The shared canvas, which includes hundreds of fingerprints, symbolises the site of belonging and represents the new global social space which challenges the boundaries between 'self' and 'other'. The passport style image of the 'anonymous' figure the painting depicts seeks to remind us we that we are all poised at the threshold of customs and borders and the challenge of peace is a call to travel beyond our own limited horizons.'

Thanking all those who contributed to the production of the work as well as Louth Peace and Reconciliation Partnership for awarding funding for the project, Brian encourages all those fortunate enough to be travelling abroad over the next few months to keep their eye out for the painting which will be on display in the arrivals hall of Terminal 2 just prior to passport control.

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