Thursday 23 February 2017

Vodafone staff enjoy their final farewell at 'Fundalk'

ON FRIDAY night I headed for The Garden Lounge where 'Fundalk, The Final Farewell', the last big bash for Vodafone staff past and present, was being held before company closes the call centre and moves to Newry at the end of December.

The place was packed with party revellers who were up for having a last memorable night out together.

I wasn't too long in the door when I caught up with Catherine Whelan from St. Alphonsus Villas who told me she was there with Adrienne Hall from Faughart and Marie O'Toole from Bay Estate and she told me it was going to be an epic night.

I then caught up with the night's main organiser Malcolm McGee from Castleross who was with his wife Bernadette and he told me the night was sad but happy and leaving was a bit like remembering old school days, the craic and people were great, but not the place!

Not too far away I met up with Adrienne Coan from Faughart Lower who has been with the company for 14 years and she was having a great laugh with Gerry McCourt from Darver who has found work in Dublin and was with the service provider for 13 years and were going to give it a major lash on the night.

Making my way through the crowds I caught up with Lisa McSorley from Ashbrook who told me she has managed to get a new job and she was with Emma Kieran from Monaghan who is still with Vodafone and they told me the night was definitely going to be a bit of fun.

Next I got talking to Ann Jeffers from Faughart, Michelle McEnteggart from Greenacres and Marianne Mulligan from Bellurgan who had all been there for ten years and were delighted to be finished but they were going to miss all the craic with all their mates.

After this I got talking to Michaela Kirk from Carlingford and Denise Steele from Carrickmacross who have been with the company for two and seven years respectively and assured me the night was going to be huge.

I then headed over for a word with Jennifer Reynolds from Knockbridge and Therese Toman from Greenwood Drive and who are there until mid-December and were happy but sad too, but were going to put that to one side and make a major night of it.

Making my way through the crowds I then caught up with Josephine Carroll from St. Nicholas Avenue who wanted a big shout out for all the 'Admin Girls' who couldn't make it on the night and she was with Noelle Wykes from Cedarwood Park who told me she finishes next month and can't wait! They were having a time of it with Evelyn Carroll from Boyle O'Reilly Terrace.

Next I got a word with ' the lady in red' Catriona Kearney from Armagh Road who has been with Vodafone for six years and finishes in December and she was having a laugh with Mary Clohessy from Fr. Murray Park and Sinead McDonagh from Toberona who will be hanging up her headset at the end of this month and they were all on for a major session together. They were with my stunning wife Aine who specifically told me not to mention her, but I thought she looked stunning in her beautiful new dress, oops!

Heading for another table I then caught up with Agnes O'Connor from Greenacres who lasted seven years and Niall Smith from Lennonstown Green who has been with Vodafone for 12 years and they told me December was definitely going to be a sad time, but all the same, they were looking forward to santy!

Making my way over to the next group I then caught up with CWU rep Caroline Whyte from Haggardstown who has departed after 13 years loyal service and she was with Michaela O'Reilly and Amanda Boyle both from Castleblaney who were six and 12 years there were there till December and were going to wait and see what happens then, but that was then and tonight they were going to party.

I then headed over for a word with Linda Merrigan from Saltown and Christine Drumm from Barrack Street who have been with them for four and five-and-a-half years and assured me it was going to be a major night out for sure.

Not too long later I had the pleasure of talking to Roisin McCreesh from Culloville who now works for Vodafone in Dublin and was there to lend her support to the night and was having a time of it with Grainne Conlon from Hackballscross who has dedicated the last 5 years to the company and would be leaving in December and would be looking forward to a bit of a break!

Finally, I got talking to my old muckers Samantha Tipping from Medebawn and Paddy McKevitt from Upper Merches. Sam left the company last December and was there to have a laugh with her old mates. Paddy told me they were both celebrating Sam's birthday which took place the previous Monday and were going to have a major night of fun.

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