Wednesday 28 June 2017

Trip down memory lane for CBS class of 1987

ON FRIDAY night we made our way into Ridleys Bar where a rather special class reunion was taking place for the Leaving Certificate Class of 1987 in the C.B.S. and by the time we got there the place was really buzzing with friends who hadn't seen each other in 25 years.

The first man I caught up with was none other than Sean 'Ox' McDonnell originally from the Avenue Road but now living in Cork. Sean fronts the excellent Ska band the Naildrivers (who will be coming but to Dundalk in the New Year) and told me that the night had been organised around a facebook page that had been set up specially to get everyone there. He said it was going to be a mad one for sure!

Next I got a word with Colm McEvoy from Fair Green who was chatting to Rory Shaw from Redbarns Road who told me they recognised about threequarters of the people but were enjoying having a laugh with them. Not too far away I got talking to Adrian Cleary from Faughart who told me it was good to see everyone again and when I asked if it was going to be a lively one he said yes, but there would be no fighting, they only fought with the Marist back in the day!

I then met up with two from T Class Declan Mackin from Darver and Eamonn Farrell from Mullaharlin Road who were having a laugh together and told me that Vinny Duffy from Manydown Close was confused as to which class he had been in saying he had ' EG Envy', although Vinny said he was having trouble remembering all the names.

Meanwhile up near the bar I then got a word with John McLoughlin from Avenue Road and Kevin Dillon from Carrick Road who assured me they were going to be heading home early, as if lads, as if. They were joined by John Smyth originally from Bachelors Walk who was up for a mad one for sure.

Next I met the man with all the money on the night Mickey McMahon from Inniskeen who told me it was brilliant night out and even ex headmaster Frank Cooney was there. He told me they had travelled from far and wide to be there with mates coming from Switzerland and America and all over Ireland specially to be there.

Speaking of which, I then got a word with Donal Harmon who was over from Switzerland who was with Michael Madden who had come from Boston and they were chatting with Alan Thompson who had travelled all the way from Belfry Drive.

The lads who had travelled the furthest distance told me they recognised about three-quarters of the people there and were delighted to be there.

Making my way over to another group I then got talking Gavin Mackin from Woodville Manor who was enjoying the craic with Franz Kampes from Kilkerley who still reckons he's related to Mario Kampes the Argentinean star who won the World Cup back in 1978.

After this I got talking to Brian Muldoon, originally from Muirhevna but now living in Clare, and he was having a great night with Diarmuid Dullaghan from St. Alphonsus Road who told me they all hadn't changed a bit!

Making my way through the crowds I caught up with Padraig Kirwan from Waterford who hadn't recognised Ollie Lawrence from Drumboat when he met up with him first.

They were joined by John Agnew from Stonetown, main organiser of the night John Murphy from Faughart Terrace and Derek O'Donoghue from Lower Faughart who told me the craic was marvellous on the night.

Up near the bar were three class mates getting reacquainted, Fiacra Carroll from Barrack Street, Noel Litchfield from Kilcurry and Dermot Culligan from Priorland Road who were then joined by David Whately from The Crescent so it was going to be an epic party and no mistake.

Finally, I then caught up with Seamus Carroll from Barrack Street who was chatting to Trevor Myers from Drogheda who told me loads of people hadn't recognised him, but was going to have a mad time with them anyway.

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