Friday 21 July 2017

Tackling crime with text alerts


THE PARISH'S Community Alert Group that covers the Haggardstown and Dublin Road area has been given an even greater and persuasive reason to go ahead with the setting-up of the proposed Text Alert scheme in the area.

The wave of crime over the winter that has struck the country, involving the elderly in mainly rural and remote parts of the country has evoked widespread revulsion over these cowardly attacks on mostly homes.

The Group looked at the idea before Christmas to counteract crime and help protect the community, particularly the elderly and vulnerable.

The scheme has been initiated successfully in other areas in the county.

It involves the use of mobile homes to raise the alert in the event of anything of suspicion or concern happening in the community.

The group was given a talk on how the scheme operates and how it has worked in the Kilcroney area.

A volunteer who is involved in the Community Alert in that area, and in the setting up of the scheme there, spoke to the group about it at a recent meeting.

The scheme is reportedly relatively inexpensive to set up, and that there are a couple of ways of doing it.

One is through a company which would involve paying a yearly fee, or the local group doing it themselves purchasing a mobile phone and pay whatever monthly charge is incurred for text messages.

A nominated individual would hold this dedicated phone and perform a liaison role.

This individual for the time he had the phone would undertake to route messages to a team of volunteers across the area and if necessary to the Gardai.

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