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Safety problems are not unique

Published 30/01/2013 | 13:00

Deirdre Crawford and Yvonne Hamill at the Blackrock Credit Union AGM.
Deirdre Crawford and Yvonne Hamill at the Blackrock Credit Union AGM.

SAFETY ISSUES are not peculiar to any one school.

In fact, the expressed view of a senior Louth County Council official is all schools have issues, and there was not a blanket way of dealing with them.

The best way was for the school community, specifically the parents to contact the Council Area Engineer and try to come up with a solution.

Then it would be a question of funding whether improvements could be carried out, stated Mr Gerry Kelly at the January monthly meeting.

His comments will be of particular interest to the Parents Committee, parents and residents of Marlbog Road who are concerned about speeding traffic and the attendant dangers at Saint Fursey's National School.

With the strapped financial position of councils with reduced funding available, Mr Kelly a senior engineer said that the council would examine ways to re-use traffic signs.

Cllr Oliver Tully raised the high cost of safety signs, and a colleague suggested repairing old and broken signs lying in ditches.

The predicament that council face is that they haven't the money to spend on materials, and with cuts in indoor and outdoor staff work will take longer than they would like, Mr Kelly said.

Council chairman Colr Finnan McCoy asserted there was only one answer to the question of safety at schools, and it was the installation of ramps, which forced traffic to slow down. These could be seen down the country, he said.

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