Friday 26 May 2017

Pothole poses a real risk to drivers


It mightn't have assumed the proportion of a counterpart in Cork that has gained worldwide infamy on the internet, but a pothole on the Rock Road if left much longer can do a lot of harm and perhaps cause serious hurt or even a fatal accident.

One can' t imagine it growing that deep that anybody will be able to swim in it like in Kanturk where a local man caused such a stir by stripping off and jumping into the water filled five foot deep crater.

He then posted a video on the internet.

It had the desired effect with council officials immediately appearing to fill in the pothole.

There's not likely to be as dramatic a way to draw attention and get Louth County Council to act and close the local pothole that has been allowed to remain for quite a while without so far seemingly no serious accident.

It is located in a very awkward part of the road virtually on the crest of one of the three hills on the Road, between the junction with Sandy Lane and Elm Park.

For an unsuspecting motorist it poses a big risk to safety and to walkers who frequently use the road.

The pothole is visible only as the driver comes upon it and it's easy to end up in it, and suffering damage to your car, which is the preferable outcome, if far from welcome.

During darkness even those who are aware of the pothole can easily drive into it.

Far worse if the driver swerves and a car is coming over the hill on the other side, and a collision occurs.

Put a pedestrian or regular walker at the location, and the potential for a tragic result is easily imagined.

We all know that councils like every household are finding it hard to manage their budget. But surely Louth County Council can spare some stone and tar to fill up the pothole until it is able to permanently repair the spot.

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