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Most new homes built privately

Published 05/12/2012 | 10:16

December, 1972 A NEW trend in house building in Louth, whereby the majority of the county's needs was being met by private developers instead of local authorities, was revealed in figures published in December 1972.

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The figures revealed that in the five years between 1966 and 1971, a total of 3,100 homes were built in Louth, of which 1,943 were built by private individuals or developers, while the local authority provided 1,157 houses.

According to official figures this was the first time that Louth had built more private housing than the four local authorities, Louth County Council, Dundalk Urban Council, Drogheda Corporation and Ardee Commissioners combined. They also underlined the fact that had the private developers not invested in housing in the county there would be a dire housing crisis as the local authorities were unable to meet the demand.

The figures also underlined the improvement in incomes and the desire of families to upgrade their homes.

Indeed housing building in Louth was outstripping major locations such as Galway and Waterford and outside Dublin, Cork and Limerick, Louth was building record numbers of homes. The year 1971-72 was the best year of the five in Louth with 641 houses built of which over 400 were privately built homes.

The fact that two private houses were built for every one local authority house was critcised by many as a lack of planning on the part of the local authorities, for judging by the housing lists in all the local authorities in the county there was a crying need for new housing.

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