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Having a ball

Published 09/01/2013 | 10:37

ON FRIDAY night we headed for the Tain Suite in the Fairways Hotel where the De La Salle Debutants Ball was taking place and by the time we got there the place was really buzzing with extremely well dressed young ladies and gentlemen who were all in form for a major party.

I wasn't too long in the door when I met up with Curtis Byrne from Fatima who had brought Emma Ward from Muirhevnamor and they were having a laugh with Yuriy Yadskia from Castleross and Seana McEvoy from Silverbridge who were all looking extremely well and were looking forward to a major night of fun.

Not too far away I then got talking to Marika Wong from Dromiskin who was with Michael Sweeney from Darver who weren't to be separated, why, matching royal blue dress and tie, that's why!

After this I headed over for a chat with Sheena O'Neill from Ard Easmuinn who was with Chris Bellew from Bay Estate who were looking great and told me it was going to be a fantastic night.

I then got a word with Christian McEvoy from Bay Estate who was on his best behaviour and was going to make sure that Aoife O'Dowd from Sligo had a fantastic time, seeing that she had come over specially for the debs.

Making my way over to another group I then got talking to three lovely ladies who were looking stunning on the night and they were Dearbhla McKeever from Fatima, Sarah Vernon from Medebawn and Shannon Caldwell from Redbarns Road who told me they were actually with Craig Ludlow from Castletown Road, Shane Myles from Oakland Park and Colin Doyle from Oakland Park but the lads were nowhere to be seen.

I then headed for a table where I caught up with Colin who was having a laugh with Conor Byrne from Marian Park and Michaela Woods from Barton Park who told me it was going to be a totally mad night but weren't going to divulge anything about any after-parties.

Making my way through the crowds I then got talking to Jonathan Connolly from Mill Road who was lucky enough to be with Kayleigh Quigley from Blackrock who were in form to make it a great night.

Just arrived in the door were Demolu Ogunnaike and Eabha Taggard both from Blackrock who were looking extremely well and told me they were expecting a good night.

Making my way over to two ladies I then caught up with Elizabeth Swann from Tallanstown and Florence Maye from Seatown who were looking very well and told me they were with Alex Fagan from Blackrock and Taroch Duffy from Newtownbalregan who was the man in the 'green suit' and boy did it look well.

I then headed over to a group who included Daniel McKeever from Kilcurry and Brandon McGee from Tallanstown who were up for a laugh with Liam Lawlor from Knockbridge who had brought Jenny Duffy from Ravensdale who all couldn't wait for the party to get started.

Making my way over to another table I then got talking to Dylan Hayes from O'Hanlon Park who was with Shauna Crawley from Whiterath whose floral dress looked extremely well and they were sitting with Ciara Duffy from Greyacre Road and Caolan O'Melia from O'Hanlon Park who were also in matching purple dress and tie, mmm nice!

Looking extremely sharp was 'The Cobra' O'Brien from Kilkerley who was with Jenny Hanlon from Cooley and they were with 'The Antidote' Martin Connolly from Kilkerley from who was with Kayleigh Murphy from Carlingford.

After this I headed over for a word with Caolan Rooney from Blackrock who was with Michelle McNamee from Ravensdale and they were then joined by Cian McAteer from Blackrock who was with Katie Kerley from Ardee and Cian told me it was a very nostalgic moment after spending five years in the school and this was their big night, sentimental Cian, sentimental!

As always the girls looked stunning in their dresses but one man who certainly stood out on the night was Pauric McCrum from Blackrock in his silver suit and he was with Nicole Connolly from Avenue Road and they were enjoying a laugh with Mark McDonald from Forkhill and Kate Cunningham from Blackrock who were just in from the main bar and were ready to party.

Not too long later I then got talking to Danann McMahon from Annagassan who was also a man on a mission, because he was in the company of the lovely Maria McGarvey who had travelled all the way from Ranafast in Donegal to be there on the night with him and his mission was to make sure she had a fantastic night!

After this I caught up with Sean Hearty from Beechmount Drive who was with Jessica Hoey from Marian Park who were in great form and enjoying all the craic together.

I then headed over for a word with Kimberly Lau from Muirhevnamor and Amy Lee from Barton Park who were looking really well and they told me they were there with John Lee from Ard Easmuinn and Georgie McEnteggart from Nicholas Avenue and the girls assured me they were going to have a brilliant night.

Not too far away I got talking to Andrew Neary and Rebecca Wynne both from Louth Village who were going to have an epic party together with all their friends.

Finally, before I departed I managed a few words with Dylan Martin from Ashbrook who was with E. McGuinness from Knockbridge who were up for a night of it with Sarah McWall and Dylan Kersa both from Blackrock who assured me it was going to be a massive party night.

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