Designers seek inspiration from new Grammar motto

Published 24/04/2013 | 05:20

Mr. Cyril Drury, Principal of Dundalk Grammar School unveils the new motto for Dundalk Grammar School
Principal of Dundalk Grammar School, Cyril Drury, unveils the new school motto ‘Sapere Aude’ or ‘Dare to Know’.

Students and staff at Dundalk Grammar School have been tasked with coming up with a design based on the schools new motto.

As the school approaches its 275th anniversary next year, a number of celebrations are being planned to mark this momentous milestone.

The Board of Governors decided it was time to introduce a motto into the school's crest and have selected the Latin words 'Sapere Aude' meaning 'Dare to be Wise' or more precisely 'Dare to Know'.

Now students and staff are being asked to come up with a design based on their interpretation of the motto which could win them €75.

It should be on one A4 side illustrating the motto's application in a situation, real or imagined, and left in the school office in a sealed envelope not later than Friday, April 26.

The judge will be the Board of Governors Deputy Chairperson, Mrs Iris O'Sullivan.

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