Saturday 31 January 2015

Top Ten cities in the world


10 - Rome: Famous for being home to the Romans, Italy's capital city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also contains the Vatican City, a sovereign city-state which is ruled by the Pope.
9 - Los Angeles: This popular Californian destination is home to Hollywood and Beverley Hills, several entertainment industries, and the celebrities that come with it.
8 - Hong Kong: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Public of China (as it is officially called) is another global financial centre, with an economy characterised by free trade, and a city characterised by increasing lack of space. Hong Kong is the world's most vertical city.
7 - Tokyo: The sprawling Japanese capital is one of the three 'command centres' for the world economy, along with New York and London. It hosted the Summer Olympics in 1964 and is currently a candidate city for the 2020 Games.
6 - Zurich: This Swiss city was voted the place people would most like to live - it's a leading global hub that combines culture and architecture, and is officially Europe's wealthiest city
5 - Sydney: Often mistaken for the capital of Australia, the cosmopolitan city is usually the first port of call for Australian visitors. The city has a rich nightlife, and many attractions to visit during the day too, including a fascinating zoo and a beautiful harbour.
4 - Abu Dhabi: The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is among the attractions in the UAE capital
3 - Paris: The French capital is well-known for the Eiffel Tower and for being the city of romance. It has much more to recommend it, though - as a cultural and entertainment destination, but also as a thriving financial centre in Europe.
2 - London: The most populous area in the UK has a rich history dating back to the Romans, and all the architecture to go with it. With the development of new buildings like the Shard, and having hosted the Olympic Games in 2012, London still remains a top destination for travellers worldwide.
1. New York: the Big Apple topped the list this year. It's not surprising: The summers are hot, the winters are cold and crisp, and there's enough museums and art galleries to satisfy any traveller.

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