Friday 31 October 2014

Memories rekindled at Fingal Show


This Ford FW-60 was the most imposing classic tractor at the show. This articulated giant is the prized possession of Stephen Hogan, from Co Dublin. Tipping the scales at a very portly 14t, this ageing monster has more than 330hp at its disposal! The FW-60 was manufactured by Steiger (for Ford) in North Dakota between 1977 and 1982
Fingal Vintage Society's annual show is not only home to old, cherished relics. It also plays host to modern agricultural equipment – courtesy of local machinery distributors and dealers
Not everyone spent the entirety of the 1960s ingesting a cocktail of drugs, rock music and free love! Much more sensibly, Irish farmers were busy taking delivery of countless Ford 3000 and 4000 tractors – as is replicated in this very apt scene. Note even the authentic delivery lorry

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