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Tuesday 25 October 2016

Why are so many celebrities destroying themselves with tattoos?

Caitlin McBride says that a real friend wouldn't let you tattoo your face - or your bum - no matter how rich and famous you are.

Published 12/09/2013 | 10:19

Sinead O'Connor displaying her new face tattoo while performing at the Big Top stage at Bestival,

Cheryl Cole's giant rose tattoo painted across her bum and lower back has genuinely affected me.

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She has always been in my top five girl crushes, long considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

And yet, she has covered her body in gigantic tattoos.

Not personal, meaningful and discreet ink or even an embarrassing memory from a drunken night out.

But long thought out, well-intentioned tattoos...all over.

Her latest black and red rose tattoo took a reported 55 hours to complete.

Cheryl Cole's tattoo artist posted this eye-popping shot on his Instagram of the singers epic tattoo. Fans are likely to be shocked at the extent of the tattoo which covers her lower back and her entire backside.
Cheryl Cole's tattoo artist posted this eye-popping shot on his Instagram of the singers epic tattoo. Fans are likely to be shocked at the extent of the tattoo which covers her lower back and her entire backside.
With just a blingtastic Chanel medallion round her neck and skimpy white two-piece on in Marbella, Tulisa Contostavlos gave the boys a glimpse of her new bikini-line tat. The 'Lucky You' message, which rather fetchingly sits next to a four-leaf clover, shows the high opinion the 'British Swag' singer has of herself.
A close-up of her tattoo.
With last week's Met Ball punk theme still firmly on Cara Delevingne's mind, the 20-year-old has decided to permanently mark her fiery side, bizarrely on the base of her finger. Following wifey, Rita Ora's footsteps, Cara sought out tattoo-artist Bang Bang to sketch the lion. 'RAWWWW' was the apt Instagram caption Cara gave the maned beast that now sits on her index finger.
David Beckham showed Peking University students he's taking his new role as image ambassador of the Chinese Super League seriously by flaunting his new eastern-inspired tattoo at a talk. The Chinese symbols read, 'Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven.'
Band mate Mel B , aka Scary Spice, looked worried about the state of her wall stencil inspired arm tattoo. And, quite frankly, so would we.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor inscribed the world 'family' inside a heart for maximum sentimental points when committing to ink.
Continuing his ink marathon - the One Direction star now has an estimated 30 designs - Harry Styles has chosen a butterfly as his next torso-based tattoo. A hint to all those girls who get butterflies in their tummies over the pop prince? How clever.
Lindsay Lohan showed up at the LA Superior Court with an inflated trout pout and some new inked designs on display. A red triangle sits on her inner right arm with the message 'what dreams may come' underneath, while her right hand now has the message 'I leave before being left. I decide' emblazoned across it. Cryptic, you could say.
After a regrettable - and subsequently removed tattoo - of Marilyn Monroe, 'Transformers' star Megan Fox went for the life-affirming motto: "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" emblazoned across her back. Confused? So are we.
Showing off her brand new, red-raw tattoo, actress Scarlett Johansson left us wondering who the lucky individual was in this star embellished ink scenario.
"Don't be Bitter - Glitter" is the positive life motto of Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding.
While continuing to scrawl other inked creations on her skin, Angelina Jolie chose to have this rather fetching Billy Bob dragon removed from her arm, after her separation from Billy Bob Thornton.
Though handwritten in minuscule font, Amanda Seyfried's inked message 'minge' screams out loud and proud on her foot.
Just because your band nickname is Sporty Spice doesn't give you the green light to channel football hooligan chic, with garish tattoos of Celtic and Japanese origin, Melanie C.
Tattoo lover Cheryl Cole showed off her newly rose-adorned back on stage with Girls Aloud. Give it a few years, and that pattern will most likely prove to be a thorn in the Geordie popstar's side.
Mike Tyson 's tattoo artist sued makers of 'The Hangover 2', Warner Bros, last year, for replicating his famous 'copyrighted' facial piece without asking.
Actress Melanie Griffith demonstrated her undying love for husband Antonio Banderas by getting his name transcribed onto her arm, in an ornate font and heart motif.
So good we're featuring her twice - Cheryl Cole' s ambiguous butterfly back piece envelops her lower back much further than seen here. The singer also sports a few other choice emblems on her body, notably one of cartoon character Tweety Pie somewhere out of sight. Cheryl 'Tweedy' Pie, anyone?
Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria inked the date of her wedding on the inside of her wrist lest she forget her anniversary. What she is less likely to forget is her divorce. Tattoo promptly removed...
Actress Christina Ricci couldn't decide between a lion, a ghost or a cloud when at the tattoo parlour. She, subsequently, opted for an amalgamation of all three.

That's about 54 hours and 58 minutes more than I would be willing to tolerate a needle painting my body.

I can look past the barb wire on her leg and the Polynesian symbol on her wrist; but the rose is hard to ignore, and that was clearly her agenda.

Now Sinead O'Connor has joined the ranks - again, Sinead, who was once considered a great beauty of our generation - is no stranger to tattoos, but inking your face is an entirely different story.

When I think of a face tattoo, I think of Mike Tyson.

Sinead O'Connor may be a strong woman, but she's heavyweight boxing champion.

The initials 'B' and 'Q' which feature on both of her cheeks is reportedly to remind her of the individual whose initials they represent, so that she will never forget what he did to her.


Now I'd be the first to say that I'm a prude when it comes to tattoos.

Personally I've never been tempted as I still haven't experienced anything that I think is worthwhile to permanently mark my body with.

Not yet, and more than likely, not ever.

I do have a soft spot for men with tattoo sleeves and a new appreciation for the art that goes behind the intricate ink...but not on your face.

These tattoo enthusiast stars just prove once again how detached celebrities really are from reality.

There is no one to step in and say, "Sinead dear, I know you're a grown woman, but you will regret tattooing a man's initials on your face."

Or, "Cheryl, my love, you live a life most people could only dream of, you do not need to cover half of your body with a rose tattoo to be complete."

For they are the cash cows, surrounded by "yes" people who never met money they didn't like.

If I mentioned to any of my friends that I wanted to emulate Sinead or Cheryl in the above fashion, I would be (very) quickly rebuffed and brought smack down to earth.

My sister would murder me, my mother would be mortified by me and my best friends would react in a way that true friends do - intervening with tough love.

So Cheryl, Sinead, Tulisa (I'd never forget you Miss Contostavlos), think twice before marking your body. Again.

When you're young it seems fun, but let me remind what the word 'permanent' means.

It means Forever.

Now imagine Cheryl Cole at 80 years old with a giant rose tattoo on a saggy bum.

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