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Thursday 27 October 2016

When did feminists become such professional victims?

Published 18/09/2016 | 02:30

Blunder woman: Emily Thornberry blamed sexism for her failure to recall who the French Foreign Minister was
Blunder woman: Emily Thornberry blamed sexism for her failure to recall who the French Foreign Minister was

When is a sexist not a sexist? Why, when he's dead, of course.

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That lame old joke came to mind this week as two female politicians spectacularly fluffed their lines and then blamed nasty men for their screw-up.

We all know Hillary Clinton's travails, of course.

Fainting at a 9/11 memorial service is never a good look. To do it in the middle of an already raging debate about your health was the work of an amateur - not an accusation you would normally level at the Clinton machine.

Then there was Emily Thornberry, one of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour acolytes who, until Sunday, was best known for insulting her own working-class constituents.

Thornberry was caught on camera not knowing who the French Foreign Minister was and rather than having the savvy to make a joke out of it, she started to whinge and complain about being 'pub quizzed' before falling back on the rallying cry of the sore, cynical loser - sexism.

There's nothing sexist in asking someone a question which has direct relevance to their job. Or so you might think.

But in an increasingly stupid and unthinking culture, logical analysis has been supplanted by a sense of automatic victimhood and emotional incontinence.

Before they'd even found Clinton's missing shoe, or Thornberry's missing dignity, their supporters were quick out of the blocks to insist that anyone who criticised them was obviously a sexist who had a problem with strong, powerful women.

The thing is - nobody has a problem with strong, powerful women. I adore strong, powerful women. What people do have a problem with, however, is the way some Alpha females, and the Beta birds who slavishly support them, immediately assume they should be exempt from criticism purely on the basis of their gender. Is that not a form of insidious, destructive sexism?

When I was growing up, I counted amongst my heroes the likes of Mary Kenny and Germaine Greer.

A lot of lads I know did. We were hardly PC. But, from my own point of view, I admired the fact they were nobody's victim. They weren't going to be pushed around and anyone, male or female, who started an argument with them was going to end up on the losing side.

They were tough broads - ballsy, no-nonsense operators. They didn't have an attack of the vapours and start crying every time they were caught out by a trick question.

Yet that brand of feminism has been replaced by a demented rush to constantly be seen as a victim - as if being a victim was something to be proud of, a sort of secular state of grace, rather than something to be avoided at all costs.

If Donald Trump had been subject to serious and justified scrutiny on his health and then fainted at a memorial before coming up with a painfully lame excuse, does anyone think the deluge of criticism sent his way would have been sexist?

Does anyone think if a male politician flubbed an answer on the telly, he would start shrieking sexism? If he did, how long do you think he would last in the job?

Identity politics is destroying our culture, like a cancer of stupidity that's metastasising at a virulent and uncontrollable rate.

The strange aspect of this intellectual surrender to the forces of emotionalism is that it has now become virtually impossible to have a reasoned conversation with people before someone hits you with the old ism/phobia combination - a volley of verbal punches designed to stop their opponent in their tracks.

Sexism, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia - all get-out-of-jail-free cards for people who know they can't back their argument with logic or facts.

It's also an emotional comfort blanket for the weak. After all, it's much easier to assume that a critic is motivated by malice or prejudice or some form of pre-existing bigotry than it is to confront the fact they just might have a better argument than you.

Hell, it's no longer even about having the better argument, it's about simply having a different point of view.

In a weird way, feminists were like a trade union for women. And, like trade unions, they have repeatedly betrayed their membership.

That was proved in delightful fashion when Germaine Greer was no-platformed by a bunch of younger feminists because she wasn't fully on-side in the current transphobia debate.

The people who would once have been dismissed as cranks even by their own fellow travellers have now, it seems, taken over the debate.

I was going to say this is a classic example of the tail wagging the dog but it's worse than that - it's more like the fleas on the tail that are wagging the dog.

Surely the best advice anyone can give is to tell young people that if they work hard and are smart enough, they can achieve their potential. After that, it's up to them.

But by raising a generation, which also happens to be the most cosseted and protected in human history, to constantly think of themselves as victims, we have created a culture of cripples.

You can't, I suppose, blame politicians for using whatever weapon they have at hand.

But when grown women excuse the behaviour of one candidate purely on the basis of their gender, they can't complain when their own argument is used against them.

But complain they will. It's all they can do.

Migrant sex crimes should not surprise us

We are importing millions of men who come from a variety of cultures which all have one thing in common - a contempt of women.

So, Germany arrested three members of an ISIS sleeper cell who had infiltrated the country alongside 'legitimate' refugees.

Eighteen months on from all the hand wringing and tearful virtue-signalling and EU lies that it would only be a small number of migrants/refugees/asylum seekers - terms which come with a distinction but no difference - we are now looking at the virtual collapse of central Europe, social chaos in Germany, Brexit and the belated realisation that Europe is now looking at millions of migrants, not a few hundred thousand.

Even if you remove terrorist sleeper cells from the equation - and that was the first, fatal mistake of the establishment - we're left with a cultural calamity. The basic fabric of life has changed for many on mainland Europe.

A recently leaked police report from Germany - the same people who tried to cover up the mass sexual assaults and rapes by migrants in Cologne on New Year's Eve last year, lest we forget - admits that: "K12 can confirm a surge in sex crimes. In particular, rape and the sexual abuse of children in bathing establishments have given us grave cause for concern."

Why are people pretending to be surprised when these things happen? We are importing millions of men of fighting age - although they don't seem to have much interest in fighting for their homeland - who come from a variety of cultures which all have one thing in common - a contempt of women.

Utopian fantasies won't change the fact that even the most modest Muslim woman is a second-class citizen in her own country. Why should Western women think they'd be treated any better? The horse has bolted and Europe as we know it has changed forever. Nice one, Merkel. Another German leader who has destroyed the continent.

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