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Published 03/08/2014 | 02:30

Sun sets over northern Gaza Strip as seen from the Israeli border.
Sun sets over northern Gaza Strip as seen from the Israeli border.

Stop, please stop. I beg you with all my heart. I think of the children who are robbed of the hope of a dignified life, of a future. Dead children, wounded children, mutilated children, orphans, children who, for toys, have the debris of war. Children who do not know how to smile. - Pope Francis on Gaza.

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The culture of the 
Department is closed and 
unnecessarily secretive . . . an inward-looking organisation with limited learning 
capacity and reduced 
openness to new ideas.

Report of the Independent Review Group on the Justice Department.

I have come to the painful but, I believe, necessary 
conclusion that in the 
circumstances which have arisen, it would be best if I were to be reassigned to other duties in the public service.

Brian Purcell, secretary general of the Department of Justice.

I think that was an honourable decision. Having read the report, that was his view and his decision. He felt it would be a distraction, as he said, if he stayed in place as secretary general of the Department of Justice.

Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice, on Mr Purcell's announcement.

If I own stock in your company and you move offshore for tax reasons, I'm selling your stock. There are enough investment choices here. When companies move offshore to save on taxes, you and I make up the tax shortfall elsewhere. Sell those stocks and they won't move. Are you willing to call your broker or fund and tell them to sell companies that increase your tax bill by moving overseas?

Mark Cuban, US businessman, addressing US stockholders about firms that headquarter in Ireland and elsewhere.

This is not a case of a simple mistake or indeed over-stretching boundaries. Politicians are not expected to be superhuman; they are entitled to get it wrong, but politicians are not expected to cut corners and rely on entitlement for explaining misbehaviour or indeed criminal acts.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring, sentencing former junior minister, Ivor Callelly to five months in prison for falsifying expenses.

Thank you gentlemen. Enjoy your community service.

Judge Martin Nolan at the conclusion of sentencing of two former Anglo-Irish bank executives.

It is interesting that at a time when our outcomes have never been better, litigation is spiralling. Patient 
expectation is high and yet public confidence is 
consistently eroded.

Dr Rhona Mahony, National Maternity Hospital Master.

One of the greatnesses of the English language is its malleability, the way it is spread effortlessly around the world. And that's because we have a very powerful street language which is changing all the time. And we love it. The language is changing. Now, I don't particularly like it. I didn't like it when "wicked" meant the opposite to what I thought it meant. But there it goes. Every time we try to resist this change we do it at our peril . . . in 20 or 30 years time people will say, 'Oh, it was always like that.'

Melvyn Lord Bragg, British cultural commentator and author.

Women are clearly 
runners-up in the human race. It's as though women are wrapped in invisible man bandages . . . Outside the 
media world, women still don't have equal pay. We're getting concussion hitting our heads off the glass ceiling. When it comes to 
discrimination, if it were black, Asian, Jewish or Muslims or gay men who didn't have equal pay or 
representation, there would be such a public outcry. So it's back to the barricades ladies.

Kathy Lette, best selling author.

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