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Wednesday 1 March 2017

'Nebraska': a film that makes us think and feel

Eoghan Harris

Eoghan Harris

A scene from Nebraska, starring Bruce Dern (centre).
A scene from Nebraska, starring Bruce Dern (centre).

LAST Friday on RTE, Jeremy Irons spoke lovingly about the Irish landscape. Among the many merits of the movie Nebraska is that, without lecturing, it lets you see what happens when you don't care about a country. Like America, we are destroying a paradise with empty estates, out-of-town shopping malls, and the prospect of pylons.

Paradoxically, the technology that savages a landscape can be used to save it. Nuclear power safely provides 85 per cent of French energy. Britain is going nuclear too. So why are we still wedded to fossil fuels, noisy windmills and brutish pylons?

Nuclear plants could use the existing grid. We would not need pylons or the equally intrusive wind turbines. Waste can be exported. But, as with GM crops, our environmental elites want to trammel technology instead of transcending it.

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