Sunday 24 September 2017

We're responsible for choosing FF's 'moonshine politics'

Bertie Ahern's
favourite pub –
Fagans in
Bertie Ahern's favourite pub – Fagans in Drumcondra.

The acquittal this week of two barmen on a charge of man-slaughter provides a stark latter-day parable for a people dazed by the labyrinthine analysis of our financial meltdown.

In the case, the judge determined the supervening event that led to the misfort-unate death was the decision of the deceased to consume a large volume of alcohol. Does any of this register a 'closing time' bell for people convinced that we are the victims of an EU conspiracy?

There is a case to be made for suggesting alcohol producers, bars, hotels and off-licences do, in one sense, contribute to the misery of some. There is a more sober view, however, that personal responsibility is king.

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